The SILC Business School Experience: Everything You Need To Know

SILC Business School, Shanghai University is a leading school in international business that is committed to providing industry-relevant education and research in China. Students looking for an advanced business education that’s sure to catapult them into the busy and fast-paced business world will be well prepared by gaining a qualification with this renowned institution. Let’s explore what life is like at SILC and learn more about the programmes on offer to help you decide on applying to study here. 

About SILC Business School

SILC Business School was founded in 1994 and is a cooperation between two institutions – Shanghai University (SHU) in China and University of Technology Sydney (UTS) in Australia. The name is an acronym for its four core values; Scholarship, Innovation, Leadership and Cooperation. Its mission is to develop well-rounded undergraduate students with modern, real-world business knowledge to embark on successful business careers. It ranks 387th globally and 16th in mainland China (QS World University Rankings 2021).

Now one of the leading business schools in Shanghai, SILC has a thriving student body and welcomes almost 400 international students every year. This means that international students make up 10% of the student population, making it incredibly multicultural and diverse. SILC also offers placements abroad for Chinese students looking for overseas programs, and is well connected with institutions in the USA and Europe.  

The school provides courses for undergraduates and postgraduates in all areas of business, including finance, business administration and management. Students can also expect a unique campus culture, exciting and diverse program selections, and incredible opportunities to venture into the business world after graduation. 

Campus Life 

SILC has three teaching buildings (Wenbo, Wenda,Wenshang), an administration building (Wenhui), a student learning building (Wende) and a recreational and sports activities centre (Xingjian).

The classrooms are fitted with the latest in multimedia teaching equipment, while students also benefit from access to modern, fully-equipped laboratories and voice learning centres. In the activity centre, you will find a gym, dance studio, badminton site, table tennis room, and multimedia stage, as well as many other activities covering a broad range of interests and abilities.

With so many international students at SILC, you are bound to enjoy a diverse friendship group and learn many new and interesting things from your peers.

SILC also has a student union who help international students with their arrival in Shanghai, answering any questions they may have and helping students settle down. This union also organises activities in arts, sports and entertainment.


SILC offers multiple undergraduate and postgraduate programmes:

Undergraduate Programs (Full English Programs) 

The undergraduate programs takes 4 years to complete, and consist of a range of core and elective modules that allow you to customize your own learning. The Business Administration course is offered in two different categories, allowing students to direct their learning towards their desired future professions. 

Postgraduate programs are offered both in Chinese and English, depending on the course.

Postgraduate Programs

Taught in Chinese:

  • Finance
  • Regional Economics
  • Corporate Management
  • Management Science and Engineering

Taught in English:

The academic year is divided into three semesters: autumn, winter and spring. The Autumn Semester is typically 12 weeks long, with exams taking place during week 11 and 12, usually in November. The Winter Semester lasts for 17 weeks, running from November to March. The examination period runs for two weeks before students depart for a 5-week holiday over the Chinese New Year. The Spring Semester lasts for 12 weeks between March and June. After a final examination period, there is 7-week summer holiday break. 

Fees & Costs 

Tuition Fees

  • All undergraduate programs: 30,000 CNY
  • Postgraduate in Finance: 45,000 CNY/year 
  • Postgraduate in Accounting: 59,000 CNY/year
  • 2.5 years programs (in Chinese)Regional Economics, Corporate Management, or Management Science and Engineering: 29,000 CNY/year


  • Dormitory for international students (single/double/four-bed):  30-100 CNY/day
  • University Guest House:  350 CNY/day
  • Living off-campus:
    • Estimated shared rental: 1500-2000 CNY/month
    • Individual rental: 2000-3000 CNY/month

Insurance & Visa Extension

  • 1200-1600 CNY/year

Food & Daily Expenses

  • Around 1500-2500 CNY/month


  • Shuttle buses run between the three campuses: 3-6 CNY for a one-way trip
  • Metro costs: 3-10 CNY for a one-way trip


Scholarship opportunities are available at SILC. There is no need to apply. When you submit an application to attend an undergraduate program at SILC, you are automatically considered for a partial or fully funded scholarship based on your academic or recreational achievements to date. For postgraduate students, there are four scholarship opportunities including the Chinese Government Scholarship and Shanghai Government Scholarship. Read more about them here

Local Culture

Shanghai is a busy and fascinating place to live, packed with endless opportunities for international students. Whether you choose to live on or off campus, you can experience the unique culture of Shanghai in every corner. The people of Shanghai have a reputation for being hardworking, competitive and in love with living a modern lifestyle. While the city is distinctly Chinese, there’s a strong presence of Western expats and multicultural diversity. With a thriving economy, there is certainly no shortage of shops, clubs, bars, restaurants, activity centres, sports clubs, parks and scenery for residents to enjoy. Needless to say, there’s never a dull day in Shanghai!

Future Career Opportunities

Students who attend SILC tend to have very successful future careers. In the latest study, 44.88% of undergraduates were in full-time employment after completion, 38.99% were in full-time study abroad and 15.44% in China. 

The university prepares students for real-world life in business. And thanks to its 28 exchange agreements with universities in Denmark, Finland, Germany, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Poland, France, the UK, the Netherlands, and the USA, students can be adequately prepared for global business dealings and international relations. 

China is home to some of the biggest Fortune 500 companies, including Agricultural Bank of China, China Construction Bank, China National Petroleum and State Grid. Companies like these value graduates who hold degrees from SILC, recognising the high achievements that come from this university. China is also well connected to the rest of the world and engaged in many international business deals which business graduates have the potential to get involved with. 

Learn More

Learn more about the programs at SILC Business School for international students here.

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