The Caribbean to China: 2+2 Software Engineering at UWI

Are you ready to study Software Engineering at UWI? The University of the West Indies (UWI) is an excellent global university rooted in the Caribbean with an international outlook and global centers across the world. At UWI, students receive a unique and modern education that spans continents and cultures. 

For students who want to study in China, they offer an incredibly unique program. The BSc Software Engineering program at UWI is 2+2…2 years spent in Barbados at UWI’s Cave Hill Campus and 2 years spent at The Global Institute of Software Technology (GIST), Suzhou, China.

Benefits of the 2+2 Program

Can you imagine relaxing on white sandy beaches while studying, or finishing your homework under the shadow of waving palm trees?

Studying in two different countries and cultures is a truly unique opportunity for 2+2 Software Engineering students at UWI. Popular programs such as ERASMUS in Europe offer similar opportunities to travel the world while studying! What other benefits does the UWI 2+2 Software Engineering program offer?

  1. Since China’s border is closed now, you can start your studies right away in the Caribbean
  2. Study at Cave Hill on the beautiful island of Barbados, home to Rihanna, cricket, rum, and gorgeous beaches
  3. Take an internship at an IT company in Suzhou
  4. Primary language is English, but you will also get to study Chinese
  5. Receive a two different certifications under two different institutions
  6. Cultural and professional experience in both the Caribbean and China

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Application Information

This program is offered through the UWI Cave Hill Campus. Click here for more information including deadlines:

Eligibility and Entry Requirements: Click Here

Fees and Expenses:

  • $10,000 USD per year
  • Total: $40,000 USD

The official website of the BSc in Software Engineering at UWI is here.

students at UWI- Software Engineering at UWI

Coursework: Software Engineering at UWI

This unique program is all about preparing you for a great job in a competitive, global market.

The first two years in Barbados are focused primarily on theory. The remaining two years in Suzhou are practical with an emphasis on skills training and real-world experience, ensuring students graduate with both a solid theoretical foundation and concrete experience in software engineering. It is a truly skills-based and global Software Engineering degree.

Here are the courses you will take take if you’re studying software engineering at UWI:

  • Year 1 (Barbados)
    • Semester 1: Introduction to Computing I and II, Mathematics for Software Engineers, Computing in Society, Research Methods for Software Engineers
    • Semester 2: An Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming, Software Engineering Essentials, Mobile Web Programming, Current & Future Trends in Computing for Software Engineers, Technical Writing for Software Engineers
  • Year 2 (Barbados)
    • Semester 1: Discrete Mathematics for Software Engineers, An Introduction to Software Engineering, Computer Networking and Security, Beginner Chinese Language, Culture & Society
    • Semester 2: An Introduction to the Analysis of Algorithms, Object Oriented Design and Implementation, An Introduction to Requirements Engineering, Database Systems, Beginner Chinese Language
  • Year 3 (China)
    • Semester 1: Software Modeling, Android Application Development I, Software Architecture, Web & Mobile Application Development I, Elementary Chinese Culture and Language
    • Semester 2: Software Testing, Android Application Development II, Application Development for IOS Devices, Web & Mobile Application Development II, Intermediate Chinese Culture and Language
  • Year 4 (China)
    • Semester 1: Software Project Management, IT Certification 1, Advanced Database Systems
    • Semester 2:  Software Engineering Capstone project, Internship in Computing

There are 2 required foundation courses that must be completed in the first 2 years: Exposition for Academic Purposes, and Caribbean Civilization.

studying Software Engineering at UWI

About The University of the West Indies (UWI)

Meet The University of the West Indies! UWI is an excellent global university rooted in the Caribbean with an international outlook and global centers across the world. At UWI, students receive a unique and modern education that spans continents and cultures.

The University of the West Indies has 5 global campuses across the Caribbean:

  1. Mona Campus, Jamaica
  2. St. Augustine Campus, Trinidad and Tobago
  3. Cave Hill Campus, Barbados
  4. Open Campus, multiple locations throughout the Caribbean
  5. Five Islands Campus, Antigua and Barbuda

UWI is a truly international university for the globally-minded student. With 50,000 students drawn from more than 80 countries, it’s an experience like no other. It is also the only Caribbean university ranked among the top in the world, and stands in the top 1.5% globally. The Caribbean’s excellent education and affordable universities make it an attractive destination for students from the US, Canada, and all over the world. 

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About The Global Institute of Software Technology (GIST)

Global Institute of Software Technology, Suzhou (GIST), bestowed its legal status by Jiangsu Provincial Government, is an innovative institution of higher learning jointly established by Microsoft (China) Co. Ltd., Suzhou Science and Technology Town and Global EduTech Management (Suzhou) Co. Ltd.

GIST has a strong record of collaborations with universities to jointly create a conducive environment for international students to gain and enrich their knowledge of contemporary China. GIST has a 96% job placement rate for its students with a strong focus on skills training.


Savannah Billman has a master's degree in Chinese Law and Society at the Yenching Academy of Peking University. She holds a B.A. from NYU Shanghai and has also written for The World of Chinese, TechNode, SupChina, and Sixth Tone.
Savannah Billman

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