It is my pleasure to write about my experience with China Admissions!

I was studying in China in 2014/2015 and left the country in summer 2015. Now, 5 years later, I needed assistance of the university which I was studying at – I needed my transcripts to be sent to another country as soon as possible.

At first, I contacted the university with no success and so I decided to contact Mr Coward – a person who helped me to manage my studies in China back in 2014 and who is still in charge with most in the Chinese universities. He replied quickly on my request and was ready to assist me with everything I needed. He even provided me with a contact of a person working directly at that university without asking anything for that.

As a result, the university managed to print and sent my transcripts and Mr Coward and his team from China Admissions did not have to intervene, but this is a rare case if someone needs that service to be managed in China. However, Mr Coward was very supportive and always ready to answer my questions.

Therefore, it is my pleasure to recommend China Admissions and their services. I am sure that the China Admissions team is reliable and of a great help especially for students from abroad.

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