Study in Korea, then China: Opportunities at BFSU International School of Business

The International Business School of Beijing Foreign Studies University (IBS BFSU) is offering a unique opportunity to help international students stranded by the pandemic–BFSU students can study in Korea!

Students at IBS can have the opportunity to study a semester to a year at SolBridge International School of Business in Korea. This opportunity is only available for undergraduates at IBS, and not for CSC scholarship students.

If you are applying to IBS BFSU programs and are interested in this opportunity to study in Korea, please finish your application to BFSU’s business/finance programs and let us know right away so we can help arrange it!

The Deadline to express interest in studying in Korea is June 1: Fill out this form

The Deadline for BFSU Programs is June 15. 

FAQ About IBS BFSU in Korea

1. Who can apply to this exchange program?

It is open to all IBS BFSU undergraduates in English-language bachelor’s programs (but not CSC scholarship students)

2. How to apply?

If you are applying for a BFSU program on China Admissions, please let us know of your interest as soon as possible (before June 1. You will need to submit documents including passport, transcript, Certificate of Enrollment, and fill out this form. 

If you are a current IBS BFSU student, or applying separately, fill out this form hereby June 1.

3. Will studies in SolBridge be in English or Korean?

Courses will be offline, in English.

4. What is the tuition and total costs?

Students will pay BFSU tuition, not SolBridge tuition.

They will pay living expenses to SolBridge.

  • On-campus dorm cost: $1450 per semester (including $448 breakfast fee per semester)
  • Meal cost: $4 in the SolBridge cafeteria
  • Books: $300 per semester
  • Insurance: $24/semester
  • Total living costs (excluding tuition): around $3500 per semester

5. What is the school calendar of SolBridge?

Fall Semester 16 Weeks – from 2022.08.29 to 2022.12.16

Winter Term 6 Weeks – from 2022.12.19 to 2023.01.28 

Students are suggested to arrive one week earlier than the registration date to join the orientation week.

6. How will the visa be arranged?

After making the tuition payment to IBS, SolBridge will send the admission letter and help you apply for a visa in late July.

7. Can international students enter Korea to study?

Yes! Those who have been fully vaccinated in accordance with guidelines don’t need to be quarantined and only nucleic acid tests are required after entry into Korea. Those who haven’t got vaccinated as required should be quarantined in the dormitory for 7 days, and those who live off campus should be quarantined in their own residence for 7 days. Please note that this entry policy is subject to change in August.

About SolBridge

Located in Korea’s Silicon Valley Daejeon, SolBridge International School of Business has kept a long-term and friendly partnership with IBS, offering all programs in English. It is one of the world’s youngest business schools to receive the AACSB accreditation. Founded in 2007 under the motto “Paving the Way to a Stronger and Brighter Future.’, SolBridge has an international student body representing nearly 70 different nationalities, with 33.2% students from Korea, and 66.8% from other 70 countries, preparing students to be the next generation of Asian thought leaders in the fast growing and rapidly changing Asian economy.


Savannah Billman has a master's degree in Chinese Law and Society at the Yenching Academy of Peking University. She holds a B.A. from NYU Shanghai and has also written for The World of Chinese, TechNode, SupChina, and Sixth Tone.
Savannah Billman

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