Study Applied Psychology at United International College (UIC) in China

If you have a keen interest in understanding human behavior and mental processes, exploring UIC’s Applied Psychology program could be the right choice for you.

The field of psychology offers diverse career paths beyond traditional roles. Graduates can contribute not only as psychologists or psychiatrists but also in areas such as human resource management, law, education, business, and more. The impact of psychology extends to helping individuals facing mental health challenges.

Choosing to pursue psychology reflects a positive direction, and the decision is entirely yours to make. Let’s delve into the Applied Psychology program at United International College (UIC) to discover the opportunities it holds!

What is an Applied Psychology Program?

Applied Psychology, in essence, is about applying psychological theories in practical, real-world scenarios to benefit communities.

The Applied Psychology program is crafted to equip students with fundamental psychological knowledge, empowering them to contribute to the development of their cultures and improve personal life situations. Beyond this, graduates gain essential skills, motivation, and knowledge for effective participation in post-graduate programs.

While a bachelor’s degree in psychology holds practical value, those aspiring to delve deeper into psychological science often pursue further education beyond the undergraduate level. This broader education opens doors to diverse career opportunities sought after by employers in various allied disciplines.

Difference between basic psychology and applied psychology programs.

Teaching Facilities at UIC

The Applied Psychology program at United International College (UIC) features seven research labs committed to education and research. These labs, equipped with modern tools, offer faculty and students valuable hands-on experience, enhancing student training and contributing to the advancement of psychological science.

Alumni Testimonial

Hong Jun
Graduate of Year 2020

Four years ago, Hong Jun participated in UIC’s Comprehensive Evaluation admission test for Guangdong students. She felt being respected by the examiners during the interview, and she could express her ideas freely. This became one of the reasons why Hong Jun chose UIC.

Hong Jun studied in Applied Psychology, where she built a multi-disciplinary knowledge system of psychology, sociology, and cognitive development. Due to her strong interest in cognitive science, she decided to pursue her studies in this field. She is planning to study a master’s degree in developmental psychology at Columbia University.

Like many classmates, Hong Jun has gained a constant motivation in the heart-warming teacher-student relationship, expanded her knowledge in a variety of elective courses, in addition to challenging herself during club activities. “My biggest achievement in college is that I have figured out what kind of person I am, what I want to achieve, and what I want to become in the future,” said Hong Jun. Hong Jun explains that at UIC, teachers practice the concept of Whole Person Education, which has influenced her to express herself and to find fulfilment. She participated in a lot of voluntary activities in Zhuhai, such as popularising AIDS preventive knowledge at a drug reha- bilitation centre and carrying out sex education at a middle school. Hong Jun combined her experience with the knowledge she acquired at UIC and completed her Final Year Project in the rehabilitation of cognitive function in Alzheimer’s patients.

The community activities also made Hong Jun understand more about social issues and cognitive problems. She also hopes to further study in the cognitive field, and she can master more knowledge to help solve real-world problems.

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Study Applied Psychology at UIC

At UIC, students can explore Chinese culture while studying. UIC, China’s first liberal arts college founded in 2005, hosts over 9,000 students and staff from 30+ countries. English is the official language. Located in Zhuhai, near Macau and Hong Kong, the campus offers scenic coastal and mountain surroundings.

The Applied Psychology program at United International College (UIC) offers a thorough education with diverse courses focused on practical application and research. Graduates receive a Bachelor of Science (Honours) degree in Applied Psychology after completing our comprehensive 4-year curriculum.

Students can engage in national and international training practicums, internships, and contribute to ongoing faculty research. This exposure equips students with the research knowledge and experience needed for successful placement and performance in international master’s and doctoral-level psychology programs.

Learn more about Applied Psychology

Learn more about the Applied Psychology program at United International College (UIC) and apply through the link below. Or book a free call with us here.

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