Our Free Self Service – You Don’t Need to Use an Agent Anymore and Why We Care

We have had our first student who has studied on 3 separate programs through China Admissions. She first came to China on a Master’s, then a PhD, and now an MBA program.

As time goes by, most of our students are coming from people who have studied in China themselves, and they recommend a friend to use China Admissions.

Even when students are in China, they choose to use to apply to Universities on China Admissions because its still easier than applying to Universities direct and its easier than applying through agents. You can just do it all yourself on our platform.

Long time I haven’t had such a professional handling of things and I worked ten years in Luxury Hotels. Thanks.
– Joe, Italy


We then follow up each week with Universities and give you the update automatically.

You don’t need to apply through agents anymore

We are not an agent, China Admissions is a free online platform founded by foreign students in China with the support of Chinese Universities. We are here to help you find courses and apply online

Why are we different to agents?

  • You can apply to any University in China
  • We don’t push you to any University, we help you to study at the University that is best for you
  • We share all the information for you so you can apply all yourself on China Admissions
  • The price is free – you only need to pay the application fee which is the same as, or sometimes cheaper than applying to Universities direct

This all comes down to us caring about students.

Why do we care? Because we were foreign students ourselves. We understand whats its like.

We know its hard to apply to Chinese Universities. Its hard to find the information and hard to communicate with Chinese Universities.

We think this is a problem. There are so many misconceptions about China. People are missing out on opportunities and not making the best choices for them.

But its important that more people come to China and develop relationships with China and the world. Its important that you can realise your potential and develop yourself.

Our basic principle is that we want to make it far easier and better for you to apply to Chinese Universities.

I am Zahir’s dad, Zahir is about to finish his program. He got married on 26 Feb, now honeymooning in Beijing. I once again thank you for your support without which Zahir woudln’t have had his dream accomplished.
– Ummer, Dubai

To do that we:

  • Have an online platform where you can apply to multiple Universities in one place
  • We make it free for you – you don’t need to pay any extra
  • Provide additional services and care to help make it easier for you

How can we make it free? Because we are funded by Chinese Universities. We also have offer some additional services to you, such as airport pickup, accommodation arrangement, and priority and premium application services. You don’t need to upgrade to our additional services if you would like to save money and want to do it yourself, but if you want extra services and have the budget available you can.

Thank you for your support. We really appreciate all your suggestions, feedback, and introductions to students.

We look forward to helping more and more of you realise your dreams in China!

Founder and CEO at China Admissions. Originally from UK🇬🇧, based in Beijing. Studied at Peking University & BLCU. Preparing for HSK 6. Hope we can help more talented international students have the same amazing experiences and opportunities that I have had
Richard Coward

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