5 Most Popular Programs at Shandong University for 2024

As an institution with a long history and quickly growing status, Shandong University has formed a very strong professional and academic reputation around a few key programs. Meanwhile, as a Double First-Class University, governed directly under the Ministry of Education, Shandong University participates in the “strong base plan” recruitment. This means that Shandong University is rapidly expanding, enjoys plenty of support and high-quality resources, and is quickly growing as a top Chinese university.

SDU also offers different types of scholarships for dedicated students! Click each program link below to see the available scholarships.

Here are the most popular programs for international students at Shandong University:

Bachelor’s Programs


Duration: 6 years

About: The MBBS at Shandong University is a 6-year degree taught in English that will enable students to work in the medical field upon graduation. Through rigorous and high-quality training in both fundamental and advanced medical subjects, international students develop the necessary experience needed to start a successful career in the medical field.

Some sample courses students might take are:

  • Medical Law
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Medical Chinese (language course)
  • Medical Immunology
  • Dermatology
  • 2 semesters of clinical practice in a local hospital

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Duration: 4 years

About: The Bachelor International Program in Economics is designed to train academic and business leaders of the future. It is a selective program for Chinese and International students closely modeled after top economic programs in the US. Qualified teachers, many of whom hold PhDs from top economic schools themselves, teach students fundamental skills like mathematics, statistics, econometrics, finance, macro- and microeconomics, law, and more! Students also have the chance to complete an internship and supervised research, gaining valuable real-world economics experience in the Chinese context.

Some sample courses students might take are:

  • Principles of Accounting
  • International Financial Management
  • Game Theory
  • Labor Economics
  • Chinese Economy
  • Management of Financial Risk
  • Ecological Economics

Applicants should have a strong basis in mathematics and have graduated high school in good standing. IETLS and TOEFL are required.

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Master’s Programs

China Studies

Duration: 3 years (full time), students who satisfy certain requirements can graduate in advance

About: The China Studies program at Shandong University combines traditional studies of Chinese classics and culture with overseas Sinology studies. Intended to give foreign students a comprehensive and thorough understanding of China, the China Studies program is dedicated to cultivating professionals with a rich understanding of the Chinese past and present.

The program offers a wide array of courses from Chinese language, literature, history, and philosophy, to Chinese law, economy, and politics. The foundational courses are:

  • Mandarin Chinese (HSK 3 level students are exempt)
  • Introduction to China
  • Research Methods in the Social Sciences

Some sample elective courses students can take are:

  • Economic Development and Reform of China
  • Public Policy of China
  • Social History of China
  • Chinese Martial Arts
  • Intercultural Communication in the Chinese Context

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International MBA (IMBA)

Duration: 2 years (full time)

About: International Master of Business Administration (International MBA) is an advanced management program taught in English for
foreign students, aiming to develop professional managers who master modern management theories, skills and techniques and be
able to engage in business management practice independently. There are three tracks: China’s Finance, Business Management, and Marketing.

At Shandong University, IMBA students will basic theories of economics and administration, develop a deep familiarity with Chinese business environments, develop a global perspective and solid business ethics, and become leaders, critical thinkers, innovators, and dependable team players.

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Project Management

Duration: 2 years (full time)

About: The Project Management Master’s Program aims at cultivating compound and practical senior project management talents with good business ethics, strong pioneering, innovative and leadership ability, who can systematically master project decision-making, planning, implementation, evaluation, and other project life cycles according to the development trend of project management at home and abroad.

Students will master both basic management theories and advanced research methodologies, and be able to work independently and creatively. There is also an internship component, where students intern for at least one month to develop robust work experience in a Chinese context. Students receive guidance from senior professionals in relevant enterprises and institutions to intern and write their thesis.

Some sample courses a student might take in the Project Management program are:

  • Project Human Resource and Communication
  • Project Investment and Finance Managing
  • Application of Project Management Software
  • China Survey

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