Discover The University of Nottingham Ningbo China in 2024!

The University of Nottingham Ningbo China (UNNC) is one of the most prestigious and highly ranked international schools in China. Chinese and international students who study here are able to receive a world-class education and earn a UK degree accredited by the University of Nottingham. Students also have the opportunity to explore Ningbo city with its unique cultural heritage and history spanning over 7000 years.

Why is UNNC one of the most exciting options for students seeking an international education? Learn more about the stunning campus, wide array of academic opportunities, and benefits of studying at The University of Nottingham Ningbo China in 2022. UNNC is now recruiting for Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD students for the 2024 intake.

A future-focused, world class international education

Adhering to the high standards of UK education, UNNC carries forward a strong tradition of academic excellence. The University of Nottingham is ranked #11 in the UK, #27 in Europe, and #103 in the world in 2021 according to QS rankings. Within China, UNNC ranked #68 in the nation and #2 in Zhejiang Province in the 2020 Best Chinese University Ranking.

With a University of Nottingham degree plus in-depth Chinese experience and knowledge, UNNC graduates are well-placed to achieve excellence and become future-qualified in their chosen career field. By combining the best of both UK and Chinese education, UNNC provides a totally unique, international environment for all students!

Diverse student body at University of Nottingham Ningbo China

UNNC’s around 9,000 students come from over 70 countries and regions. The staff on campus are well acquainted with the unique concerns of international students and provide an excellent environment for students to adapt to life in China, share cultures and perspectives, and form a stronger international community.

UNNC’s staff and faculty are highly international themselves, hailing from at least 40 countries worldwide. The university supports over 500 post-graduate researchers to pursue projects and form an important role in the UNNC research community.

UNNC offers financial aid through scholarships to help students from many different backgrounds study.

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Vibrant student life and campus

UNNC is known for having a gorgeous campus with more than 100 different student organizations and societies currently active. The campus is host to state-of-the-art sports facilities that include squash courts, bouldering walls, fitness studios, and much more. Students can also take advantage of a range of programs available throughout the year such as martial arts and yoga classes. The university also offers activities off-campus as well, including sports such as kayaking, rowing, and more.

The UNNC student experience provides students with endless opportunities to make friends and relax outside of class time. The campus also hosts events to give students the opportunity to develop hobbies and raise cultural awareness, such as a color run, lantern-making classes, art exhibitions, and Global Village culture expos. With so many organizations and societies available on campus, each student is sure to find something that interests them.

One Chinese student, Carter Huang, took advantage of an exchange program to study at UNNC. Read about her transformative experience at student life at UNNC here!

Exploring China is a priority for many students, and The University of Nottingham Ningbo China delivers. Past students have gone on field trips to rural Dayan Village, Hangzhou, the Zhang Xi River, and more.

Take a tour of UNNC’s stunning campus with its students here:

Career Development and opportunities

Among 2020 international and Hong Kong/Macao/Taiwan graduates of UNNC, undergraduate, Masters and PhD students accounted for 49.4%, 46.0% and 4.6% respectively. 

According to the statistics (65.5% response rate), 21.9% of these graduates chose to stay in China for further education or employment. 78.1% of graduates chose to go abroad. Employers included prestigious global companies such as PwC (UK), KPMG (Netherlands), IBM (U.S.), and Chinese companies such as Whale Cloud Technology, Ningbo Jintian Copper Tube Co.,Ltd.

Masters and PhD students preferred to work for universities including the University of Newcastle, University of East London, Lehigh University, UNNC, and Shanghai University. The employment rate of PhD international students reached 100%.

UNNC provides a full range of employment guidance and employment services for international, Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan students, and carries out a series of effective activities, including one on one consulting service, International Career Week, International Job Fair, and career development workshops.

University of Nottingham Ningbo China

Scholarships and Programs at the University of Nottingham Ningbo China

UNNC works to provide scholarships for students of all backgrounds which aim to reward excellence and promote diversity among the student body. Nearly 30% of undergraduate students and over 40% of our postgraduate students are awarded scholarships for their entry. In addition to these scholarships for exceptional students, UNNC students may also be eligible for additional performance or merit-based scholarships. Click here to see all UNNC scholarships available!

Savannah Billman has a master's degree in Chinese Law and Society at the Yenching Academy of Peking University. She holds a B.A. from NYU Shanghai and has also written for The World of Chinese, TechNode, SupChina, and Sixth Tone.
Savannah Billman

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