Chinese Words and Expressions about WeChat 微信 (Wēixìn)


Do you have WeChat? If you are living in China, or want to chat with a Chinese friend, this instant messaging APP is probably essential now. So let’s talk about some Chinese words and expressions about WeChat.

微信 (wēixìn)

WeChat 微(wēi) means micro and 信(xìn) means message.

Nǐ yǒu Wēixìn ma? 你有微信吗?

Do you have WeChat?

Wǒ néng jiā nǐ wēixìn ma? 我能加你微信吗?

Literally means could I add you on WeChat?

You can add me by scanning my QR code

二维码(èrwéimǎ) QR code (quick response code)

扫(sǎo) scan

You will hear this sentence a lot between new friends in China.

Wǒ sǎo nǐ háishi nǐ sǎo wǒ?


Should I scan you or you scan me?

You can also add someone by searching their Wechat ID or phone number.

搜(sōu) search

Sōu wǒ de shōujīhào/wēixìn hào ba.


Send a message:

发(fā) to send

Fā xiāoxi

发消息 send a message

For wechat, you can also send me a voice message

Fā yǔyīn xiāoxi

发语音消息 send a voice message

And right now in China, wechat pay is also widely used.

Wēixìn zhīfù

微信支付  WeChat Pay

You can make the payment to a store or online store by simply scan the QR code.

Sǎomǎ zhīfù

扫码支付 scan the QR code and pay

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