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Have you ever considered moving abroad to work and live in a new and exciting culture? A study in 2021 showed that as many as 845,697 foreigners are currently living in mainland China. Many of which are expats, which is short for Expatriate, meaning someone who lives outside of their native country. Within China, there is a thriving culture with ancient roots, glorious sights and landmarks, incredible cities and some of the most delicious food you can find anywhere. You’ll struggle to find somewhere more beautiful to live with as many opportunities as Zhuhai.

Zhuhai is known as the “Garden City”. Located in southern China, Zhuhai is famous for its natural beauty that wonderfully merges with the landscape of the city. There you can find forests and mountains, lakes and hot springs along with an incredible city to work and live in. Currently, a great many companies within Zhuhai are seeking international and experienced individuals to relocate and experience life in a brand new culture.

Throughout this guide, we’ll be looking at some of the different types of jobs available and most importantly, how you can gain a competitive edge when applying for roles.

What kinds of careers are available in Zhuhai?

Within China and Zhuhai especially, there’s always a need for talented individuals to bring their abilities, ideas and experience forward. But knowing which type of career or internship to target can be a challenge, so we’re going to break it down for you by industry.

The Technology Industry

As you’ll find in most countries, the technology industry is booming in Zhuhai. Whether it be AI, social media, Big Data or e-commerce, there’s a huge demand currently and it’s only expected to grow in the coming years. Those with talent and experience in analysis, coding, data or more could find roles within some of China’s most exciting and largest organisations. The likes of Xiaomi Technology, Huawei, Alibaba Group and IBM always have open roles for the right people.

The Finance, Accounting and VC Industries

A study in 2021 showed that China makes up around 40% of all VC (global venture capital) investments in the world. Despite already showing such an impressive number, they are planning to increase this by investing significantly across South and Southeast Asia. With so much investment and attention on these industries, there will be a greater demand for skilled individuals to journey to China and to further support this growth. Playing host to some of the world’s largest firms, you can find roles at PwC, KPMG China, JPMorgan Chase & Co or the Bank of China.

The Engineering, Manufacturing, Chemical and Energy Industries

Across the world, demand for industries like engineering, manufacturing, chemical and energy is drastically increasing. These industries need skilled and experienced people more than ever, but also people with a genuine interest in helping these industries achieve their lofty goals. China sits at the forefront of these industries and is constantly pushing them forward, which makes Zhuhai the ideal place to work a career in one of the above. Exciting companies with worldwide credibility such as Ford Motor China, INVISTA, ExxonMobile China and General Motors are a few of the many that are consistently hiring roles within these industries.

The PR, Consultancy, Human Resources and Consumer Goods Industries

Where new companies appear and old companies grow, there’s a demand for supporting roles like PR, business consultancy, HR and consumer goods. On top of being incredibly rewarding careers, there’s a growing number of opportunities for talented people within these industries in Zhuhai. As of 2022, organisations such as Deloitte, Proctor & Gamble, APCO Worldwide and Decent Consulting are all looking for people just like you.

Other industries that are currently hiring in Zhuhai

It’s not just the above industries that are looking for experienced working professionals. The following consistently have open opportunities and are just looking for the right person.

Do you need to speak Chinese to work in Zhuhai?

Perhaps you have found an industry or a career that you’d like to pursue and the idea of living and working in China appeals to you. But, you can’t speak Chinese and you’re not even sure where to begin. Fortunately, not all roles in China require you to speak Chinese and those that do, do not always require fluency. However, being able to speak Chinese is considered a huge asset and would go a long way with hiring managers and Chinese business owners.

We recommend beginning to look at classes or online courses to learn this challenging yet extremely rewarding language as soon as possible. When it comes to actually applying for roles, being able to tell the hiring manager or recruiter that you’re learning Chinese could very well impress them.

Where’s the best place to search for jobs in Zhuhai?

Depending on what country you’re currently in, you may not know where to start looking for jobs in Zhuhai and it’s easy to get lost on various search engines and end up in the wrong place. Here are our top recommendations for job sites to find your future role in Zhuhai.

There are many other places you can search for roles in China, but these are the ones we see expats have the most success on.

Give your future career a head start

What better way to start your career in China than studying in China? The Beijing Normal University-Hong Kong Baptist University United International College (UIC) is the best place to kick start the next stage of your life. Located in the stunning city of Zhuhai, employers will take note of your commitment to Chinese culture and your experience after learning that you studied in Zhuhai.

To learn more about UIC and to find out what type of courses are available for the future career you’re seeking, click here to learn more or get in touch with us.

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