2024 Westlake University Summer Graduate Research Internship

This summer, Westlake University is pleased to announce the opening of applications for its prestigious Summer Graduate Research Internship for 2024. This four-week program offers a unique opportunity for both domestic and international students to engage in cutting-edge research across multiple disciplines. Located in the vibrant and picturesque city of Hangzhou, the program allows interns to become integral members of Westlake’s research teams, participate in various academic forums, and immerse themselves in local culture. 

Discover Internships in Four Academic Schools

The 2024 internship spans four of Westlake’s academic schools: the School of Life Sciences, School of Science, School of Engineering, and the newly established School of Medicine. This summer, a remarkable selection of 55 independent laboratories are inviting students to immerse themselves in cutting-edge research, guided by Westlake University’s globally respected faculty. The program focuses on applicants’ academic research potential and current contributions to their field.

Each school offers a distinctive array of research projects led by renowned faculty members, emphasizing Westlake’s commitment to advancing knowledge and technology through hands-on, collaborative research experiences.

School of Life Sciences

Professor Jian Yang’s lab, focusing on bioinformatics with the project “AI for Life Sciences,” represents just one of the many pioneering research areas in the School of Life Sciences. Interns here can expect to contribute to projects that integrate AI to unravel complex biological data, among other diverse opportunities that span the gamut of life sciences.

Multiple internship opportunities are available in the School of Life Sciences, which you can explore here.

School of Science

In the School of Science, Professor Pengfei Hu leads efforts in Organic Chemistry, specifically in the synthesis of natural products and their biological investigations. This focus area highlights the school’s commitment to chemical discovery and application, yet it’s just one example of the broad array of internships available in physical sciences, materials engineering, and beyond.

Multiple internship opportunities are available in the School of Science, which you can explore here.

School of Engineering

The School of Engineering features Professor Kaicheng Yu, who is at the forefront of combining computer vision and machine learning to build autonomous intelligent systems. His extensive project list, including automatic machine learning and autonomous driving, showcases the diverse engineering challenges interns can tackle, reflecting the school’s wide-ranging research endeavors in various facets of engineering and technology.

Multiple internship opportunities are available in the School of Engineering, which you can explore here.

School of Medicine

At the School of Medicine, Professor Xing Chang’s work on immunology and genetic editing technologies for treating monogenic diseases exemplifies the innovative medical research being conducted. However, this is just one area where interns might make an impact, with numerous other projects available that explore different aspects of medical science and healthcare technology.

Multiple internship opportunities are available in the School of Medicine, which you can explore here.

Program Highlights and Application Details

Each intern commits to a one-month program where they are deeply involved in a specific research project. The experience is supplemented with participation in research forums, interdisciplinary discussions, and cultural outings.

Application Period

Interested students can apply from April 19, 2024, to May 31, 2024.

Eligibility Requirements

  1. Open to international students who are currently enrolled in a master’s program or have recently graduated from one.
  2. Applicants should be majoring in Biology, Basic Medicine, Clinical Medicine, Biomedical Engineering, Pharmacy, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Materials Science and Engineering, Optical Engineering, Electronic Science and Technology, Computer Science and Technology, Environmental Science and Engineering, or a related discipline.

Application Requirements

  1. Photocopy of Passport
  2. Personal Statement: Your personal statement should clearly explain why you want to conduct research at Westlake University and with a specific Westlake faculty member. It should also describe how this internship will support your future personal, professional, or academic goals.
  3. Academic Transcripts: Submit original or notarized copies of all transcripts from any bachelor’s or master’s degree programs you have attended. If your transcripts are not in English or Chinese, please provide a notarized translation in English or Chinese.
  4. Evidence of English Language Proficiency: 
    1. English is your native language.
    2. A letter from your current undergraduate or master’s program confirming your English proficiency.
    3. Official scores from English language tests like CET-6, TOEFL, or IELTS.

Application Process

  1. Submit Your Application: Complete your application by uploading it along with all required materials to the online portal. 
  2. Admissions Decision: After you submit your application, please allow about two weeks for review. In some cases, this process might take a bit longer. Westlake University will notify you of your admission status via email.

• Costs and Financial Assistance

    • Fees: There are no application or program fees, and on-campus housing is provided at no cost.
    • Living Expenses: Interns are responsible for their own living expenses, including food, travel, visa, and health insurance costs.
    • Food Costs: Estimated expenses for dining at Westlake University’s cafeterias, food trucks, or convenience stores over the 4-week program range from approximately ¥500RMB to ¥1,000RMB.
    • Living Stipend: Westlake University will provide a living allowance for interns during the four-week program.

Explore the complete list of the 55 available internships and their details here.

Westlake University is a new type of research university in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China, a first in the history of modern China. It was founded in 2018 by a group of leading scientists and educators who wanted to create a new model of higher education in China that combines cutting-edge research, interdisciplinary education, and international collaboration. Westlake University has four schools: the School of Science, the School of Engineering, the School of Life Sciences, and the School of Medicine. Westlake University has attracted some of the best faculty and students from prestigious global universities and has achieved remarkable results in various fields of science and engineering. Committed to its vision, Westlake University is dedicated to building an international, world-leading, and research-focused university.

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