15 Reasons to Study MBBS at Shantou University Medical College

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Shantou University Medical College (SUMC) is an unrivaled medical school in China with exceptional international standing. With its student-centered medical education and strong leaning on biomedical and clinic research, SUMC is one of the best places to obtain an MBBS degree in China.

The medical college is best known for its excellent practice of teaching medicine, but most of all, it brings out the best in its MBBS students. An MBBS at SUMC will prepare you for the rapidly changing landscape of modern medicine by equipping you with the latest theoretical background and intensive clinical experience.

Experience excellence in MBBS education only at SUMC in China!

Top Reasons to Study MBBS at SUMC

1. Proven track record

SUMC’s educational approach has demonstrated an impressive history of success. Over recent years, SUMC has consistently stood among the top-performing institutions out of a pool of more than 100 medical schools in China, as evidenced by the outstanding exam results of its MBBS students in the National Medical Licensure Examination.

Moreover, the average pass rates achieved by SUMC students in the College English Test (CET) have consistently surpassed those of prominent universities across China. Notably, in the past six years, students enrolled in the English-based MBBS program at SUMC have achieved remarkable pass rates of over 93% in the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE), further solidifying our commitment to excellence in medical education.

SUMC provides quality MBBS education with a proven track record.
2. Top-notch curriculum

At SUMC, their commitment to internationalizing the curriculum is a top priority. To realize this vision, the MBBS program at SUMC offers a range of activities designed to enrich the student experience. These encompass bilingual medical courses, foreign language instruction, study-abroad opportunities, international internships, collaborative research ventures on a global scale, faculty exchange programs, and participation in international conferences.

SUMC pioneering curriculum model for medical student training has not gone unnoticed. It has earned the distinction of being selected by the Chinese Ministry of Education as an exemplary pedagogical reform model in China. This model has garnered widespread acclaim and recognition from universities across the nation, further solidifying SUMC’s position as a leader in medical education innovation.

3. Exceptional faculty

SUMC boasts an outstanding team of more than 200 dedicated teaching faculty and staff. Among them, approximately 60% hold esteemed professorial positions, while assistant professors and lecturers make up the remaining 40%. The majority of our staff possess advanced graduate degrees, including an impressive cohort of around 100 individuals who have earned doctorate degrees.

Notably, nearly one-third of our faculty and staff have accumulated educational or professional experiences beyond the borders of China. In response to the growing demand for internationalization, SUMC has intensified efforts to equip faculty members with the skills to teach medical courses in English. Presently, we are proud to have a cadre of over 30 international faculty and staff members at SUMC, a number that is rapidly expanding.

4. Globally recognized

SUMC’s educational approach and methodology align seamlessly with internationally recognized standards. We adhere to the Global Standards in Basic Medical Education established by the World Federation for Medical Education, follow the WHO Guidelines for Quality Assurance in Traditional Medical Education, and meet the requirements outlined in the Global Minimum Essential Requirements in Medical Education. This ensures that our educational programs consistently meet and often exceed global benchmarks.

SUMC students in the Operating Room
5. Extensive affiliated hospitals

SUMC takes pride in its vast network of five affiliated hospitals, comprising more than 5,500 patient beds, and six partner hospitals. This extensive network serves the healthcare needs of Eastern and Northern Guangdong, the Pearl River Delta region, and Hainan. Additionally, it plays a pivotal role in offering invaluable clinical training opportunities for our medical students.

6. State-of-the-art facilities

SUMC is equipped with modern infrastructure and cutting-edge facilities that cater to the needs of our MBBS students. Our offerings include the renowned Medical Education Center, two extensive libraries, a state-of-the-art Simulated Medical Center, the innovative Human Life Science Hall, over 50 athletic facilities, a recently constructed sports and entertainment park, a boutique hotel with 200 rooms, and much more. We are committed to providing our students with a comprehensive and world-class learning environment.

STU Library designed by the world-renowned architect Ray Chen
7. Advanced computer networking system

SUMC places a strong emphasis on harnessing advanced internet technologies across various facets of education, scientific research, and administration. We have established a comprehensive network of over 30 specialized websites dedicated to teaching and learning. Notably, their Clinical Skills Center web portal, with its wealth of resources, has gained immense popularity among our students.

8. Modern information services 

SUMC has implemented a diverse range of network application systems to facilitate teaching and self-directed learning. These systems encompass online course evaluations, digital grade reports, USMLE practice tests, self-study assessments, interactive English learning resources, a digital microscopy learning platform, and a mental health testing system. These tools empower our students to make the most of their educational experience through digital resources and self-paced learning.

Student life at STU
9. Significant research initiatives

SUMC is a major medical research base in southern China with several important research centers, research units, and key laboratories. With state-of-the-art facilities and equipment at SUMC’s disposal, international teams of first-rate scientists have been able to make significant scientific contributions and breakthroughs.

10. National and international academic exchanges

SUMC has exchange agreements with partner institutions around the world and the college regularly receives foreign students for short-term study programs in various disciplines.

Since 2009, SUMC has also started offering bi-annual training programs on traditional Chinese medicine. In some instances, international exchanges will be sponsored by Chinese government scholarships. Foreign students are also welcome to participate in short-term community health service projects as part of the exchange program.

The enrollment rates with SUMC as the first choice have reached 100% for 21 consecutive years.
11. High graduate employment rate

The average annual employment rate for SUMC’s fresh graduates has been between 97-100%, topping the ranks in Guangdong ever since the provincial government began publishing these figures in 2001.

12. Community centered service

Health community service is a top priority among SUMC students and staff. In partnership with the Li Ka Shing Foundation, SUMC has been able to realize and institutionalize this ambition.

Thousands of SUMC students, health care workers, and faculty members, are actively involved in various charitable health programs set up by the foundation. They serve the community by providing the sick and needy medical services, pain relief services, nursing care, and psychological support.

Chairman of the Li Ka Shing Foundation and long-time benefactor of Shantou University, Mr. Li Ka-shing with SUMC students.
13. Beautiful location

SUMC is situated in the coastal city of Shantou, nestled in Guangdong province. In contrast to China’s larger urban centers like Beijing and Shanghai, Shantou boasts a more modest population, with approximately 5 million residents. This city seamlessly combines high urbanization with the preservation of its rich history and vibrant culture.

Recognized as one of China’s original five Special Economic Zones, Shantou holds pivotal roles as a bustling harbor, a thriving economic center, and a knowledge hub in eastern Guangdong. Its appeal extends beyond commerce, with Shantou known for its delightful subtropical climate, picturesque mountains, enchanting islands and shorelines, delectable seafood, and a distinctive local culture that sets it apart from the rest.

Queshi Scenic Area, Shantou, China
14. Student-centered

At SUMC, the traditional teacher-oriented education model has been effectively replaced by a student-centered educational model based on the concept of lifelong learning and focused on skills development and attitude cultivation.

Through interactive projects, joint case studies, group debates, book discussions, and journal clubs, along with effective self-study, students at SUMC quickly develop their professional competencies and skills.

15. Diverse and Inclusive Learning Environment

SUMC boasts one of the most substantial international student populations among Chinese universities. Fostering a supportive student community and hosting a diverse international faculty and staff, SUMC stands out for its multicultural learning atmosphere.

Both local and international students have the opportunity to interact with peers from across the globe, each with their unique backgrounds. This enriching environment allows students to gain insights into a multitude of cultures and forge lasting friendships that can span a lifetime.

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