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About Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Shanghai Jiaotong is a leading international University based in Shanghai which is recognised and respected internationally and within China.

SJTU attracts leading professors and students from all over China and the world.

About The Online Certificate 
Program in Chinese Business

Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Continuing Education have launched this Online Certificate Program in Chinese Business. Previously it has been taught in online and offline format. It is now being taught fully online. The program is taught in English on weekends.

The Online Certificate Program in Chinese Business covers past, present and future trends of doing business in China. After completing a minimum number of 4 full day topics (24 hours) participants are eligible to be awarded the SJTU Online Certificate in Chinese Business which is called the EBA (Elites of Business Administration).

After completing the program you will receive:
– A deeper understanding of doing business in China
– A certificate from Shanghai Jiaotong University
– Networking opportunities with SJTU alumni and fellow students
– Business support – SJTU students and  will have access to Professors and lecturers who can provide valuable advice on business propositions, staff problems, legal and taxation problems, Talent recruitment, Brand promotion, Venture investment, Bank Investment Advisement, Business establishing, Law consulting, Docking of industry, University and research, etc.

You can attend more than 100 courses on a wide range of topics. Some of these are below.

Lecturing Modules:
– China’s role & future in the global financial Economy
– Complex business negotiations in China
– Leadership & corporate responsibility in China
– Human resource management in China
– Marketing & social media marketing in China
and many more.

Register for the Trial Class

  • Introduce yourself in under 100 words including your background and future goals. Why are you interested in this topic? Include any questions you have for the trial class.



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