Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and Engineering

Introduction to the Program

The Degree in Computer Science and Engineering at the school of Computer Science and Engineering at Beihang University is a four year program for international students taught in English. 

About Beihang University

Beihang University is located on Xueyuan Lu in Haidian District of Beijing. It is located close to Wudaokou (the student district) of Beijing. It is a comprehensive University with expertise in Engineering and offers many programs to international students, and is one of the leading Universities in China.
For more information visit the Beihang University page here.

About the School of Computer Science and Engineering

The school of Computer Science and Engineering at Beihang University (originally the department of Electronic Engineering), has a history of over 50 years, attaches a great importance to the integration of professional knowledge and all-round quality, theory and practice, whilst advocating a serious, pioneering and innovative study atmosphere in which a large number of excellent graduates are produced.

SCSE has 145 faculty and staff members, including one member of the Chinese academy of Sciences, 29 professors (19 doctoral supervisors), 8 part time doctoral supervisors, and 58 associate professors. SCSE has developed many distinctive and predominant research areas in the fields of computer science theory and foundation, cooperative working environment under the new generation of the internet, software engineering, process engineering, domain-oriented software support techniques and environment, virtual reality technology, large scale information technology, embedded system and fault-tolerance technique, computer netowkr and information security, and a number of other areas.

SCSE has established long term cooperative relationships with universities in USA, Germany, UK, Japan, Hong Kong and with multinational corporations such as Intel, IBM, Microsoft, Quantum, AMD, Nokia and domestic corperations such as Huawei, Lenovo, Digitalchina, Langchang.

Entry Requirements:

Applicants who are 18-60 are eligible, have good scores in high school, and have sufficient English level are welcome to apply. Applicants are required to submit the certificates of 90 or higher in TOEFL, 5.5 or higher in IELTS. All applicants need to pass the English level test at the beginning of the first semester.

Application Deadline

The application the application deadline is 30th May. The program starts in September each year.

Tuition Fees

The tuition fee for the degree program is:
– Total tuition is 120,000 RMB payable 30,000 RMB per year (4 year program)
– Insurance is 2,400 RMB for the full 4 years


– Introduction to Aeronautics and Astronautics
– Basic Computer Knowledge
– Descriptive Geometry
– C Programming Language
– Advanced Mathematics
– Chinese
– Mechanical Drawing
– College Physics
– Mechanics of Materials
– Linear Algebra
– Theoretical Mechanics
– Science of Engineering Materials
– Circuit Analysis
– Theory of Machines and Mechanisms
– Fundamentals of Manufacturing Engineering
– Probability Statistics
– Analysis Circuit
– Digital Circuits
– Mechanical Design
– Motor and Driving Control
– Hydrodynamics and Hydraulic Transmission
– Fundamentals of Control Engineering
– Fundamentals of Measurement Technology
– Numerical Control and Flexible Automation Technology
– Production and Operations Management
– Control Engineering and System
– Philosophy of Mechanical Design
– Advanced Processing Technology and Equipment
– Computer Aided Manufacturing
– Computer Control System
– Analysis and Design of Information systems
– Graduation Thesis


There are single dormitories available on campus for 1,300 RMB and shared dormitories for 650 RMB per month.


After students have been accepted onto the program they will receive an official acceptance letter and visa application form. Students should apply for an X (study) visa from the Chinese embassy in their country. Students should also complete a health certificate. If you have any questions contact us.


To apply complete the application form and pay the application fee here. All applications are processed at the same time and students will receive their result in the month of July (for September start), and December (for February start). After you have been accepted you will receive your official acceptance letter visa application form. If you have any questions contact us.

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