About the Admissions Process

Admissions are normally accepted by Chinese Universities on a rolling basis, as students are accepted, so it is better to apply early. It is important to also remember the application deadlines for each course.

Once the required documents have been sent, the first step is for them to be checked, if they are all accepted the process can take between 4-6 weeks, depending on the University as your application needs to go through the application process and be checked by the director of the program.

Once you have the acceptance oftenu will be asked to make an advance fee to confirm your place on the program. You will be sent your official acceptance letter and visa application form (which is known as the JW202 form). You should then take these two documents to the Chinese embassy in your country and apply for your student (X) visa.

You can also apply to come to China and apply for a L tourist visa, and then when you are in China you can get it converted into a student visa. However there can be some difficulties with student visas, and the rules can change, and are often updated annually, if you have any questions contact us. Further visa information is available here.

Information for your arrival to Beijing is here.

When you are in Beijing you will need to register with the local police station, and apply for your resident permit to comply with Chinese law. You will need to do a medical exam if you have not done this already.

To apply complete the application form here.

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