Long-term Chinese Language Training Programs

Introduction to the Programs

There are 6 training programs for learners with 6 different levels of Chinese language proficiency. These programs can satisfy diverse learning needs of learners at beginner, intermediate, or advanced stage. By participating in these programs, students could comprehensively improve their Chinese listening, reading and writing skills, and enrich their life in Chinese culture.

About Zhengzhou University (ZZU)

As a national key university funded by the Henan Provincial Government and the State Ministry of Education, Zhengzhou University was founded on July 10, 2000 through the merger of three universities: former Zhengzhou University, Zhengzhou University of Technology and Henan Medical University. For more info visit the page here.

About the Programs

 A. Beginning programs (Level 1 and 2)

a. Level-1: suitable for Chinese beginner, or can simply communicate with limited Chinese words. Learn the basic Chinese pronunciation, characters, and vocabulary and sentence patterns. The new HSK Level 2 can be achieved.

b. Level-2: suitable for the learners who already mastered 600-1000 commonly used Chinese words, or have completed approximately 200 hours of Chinese language study. Learn to use Chinese for daily communication and the new HSK level-3 can be achieved.

B. Intermediate programs (Level-3 and Level-4)

a. Level-3: Suitable for the learners who already mastered 1500-2000 commonly used Chinese words, or who completed level-2 courses. Learn and master some reading skills, oral presentation skills and understand the basic knowledge of Chinese culture. The new HSK level-4 can be achieved.

b. Level-4: Suitable for the learners who already mastered 2500-3000 commonly used Chinese words, or have completed level-3 courses. Learn to use Chinese to solve various problems in life or work, and to master some writing skills. The new HSK level-5 can be achieved.

C. Advanced programs (Level-5 and Level-6)

a. Level-5: Suitable for the learners who already mastered 3500-4000 commonly used Chinese words, or have completed level-4 courses. Learn a lot of Chinese words and expressions, and master certain business Chinese communication skills. The new HSK level-6 can be achieved.

b. Level-6: Suitable for the learners who already mastered more than 4500 commonly used Chinese words, or has completed level-5 courses. Learn in-depth the Chinese language, literature and culture knowledge, and posses the ability to have certain research and practical work. One can apply to enter graduate studies. (Note: Small class size, no more than 20 students in each class, and use the whole set of “Development of Chinese” (Beijing Language and Culture University Press) as teaching materials.)

Elective Courses

Calligraphy, martial arts, new HSK test counseling, Chinese social networking software, business Chinese, practical writing, Chinese arts, Mandarin pronunciation, audiovisual Chinese, Chinese proverb, singing to learn Chinese

Special Activities

A. Writing contest, singing competition, recitation competition and other kinds of Chinese competition.

B. Cultural experience activities with Henan features: tour to the Shaolin Temple, Henan Museum, Yellow River Park, Jiaozuo-the home of Taiji, the ancient capital of Luoyang, the ancient capital of Kaifeng, Chinese Character Museum in Anyang.

Learning Support

The University arranges “one to one” Chinese language tutorial for every overseas student. For each learner, there will be a Chinese on-campus student arranged to tutor them to learn Chinese language in their spare time.


On new Campus of Zhengzhou University in High-tech Zone, Zhengzhou City

Entry Requirements

One can apply this program individually or in group at any time. No requirement for candidates’ Chinese language proficiency, healthy, non-criminal record, and of the age from 18 to 55.

Application Deadline

Students can participate these programs at any time.

Start Date of the Program

  • Spring Semester: March
  • Autumn Semester: September
  • Less than one semester: Flexible

Tuition Fees

RMB 7500 Yuan/semester, RMB15, 000 Yuan/year

Fees for students less than one semester:  RMB 2000 Yuan/month.


The University is committed to providing the best possible opportunities for international students coming to Zhengzhou for the first time. We have a wide and varied range university-managed accommodation options which are safe, affordable and convenient. For further information on the accommodation at Zhengzhou University visit the accommodation page here.

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