Transcript Collection Service

We are currently in the process of withdrawing our transcript collection service except to a limited number of universities. If you are interested in using our transcript collection service please complete the form below and we will check if we can assist before you make any payment.

Information about Our Service

Due to many requests from previous students, we now offer a transcript or record collection service for students who have studied at a Chinese University before. It can be difficult for you to communicate with Chinese Universities after you have left China. Often universities transcript offices can be difficult to contact, and the only way to collect the transcript is to go there in person.

We can help to follow up and obtain your transcript from the University. If you have applied through us we provide this service for free (except for shipping). If you have not applied through us, please send us a copy of your passport, and any records you have such as your student record number, dates, and pay the service fee to be paid by PayPal only (or credit card

Feel free to contact us first at if you would like to check on the estimated time it would take – it can vary according to each university, and the time of year.

Refund Policy – if we are unable to successfully obtain your transcript within 8 weeks we will give you the money back.

  • Service Fee: US$ 320 (E-copy & hardcopy sent by standard service/EMS)
  • US$ 450 (E-copy & hardcopy sent by Express service/DHL)
Sign Letter of Authorization

After payment, you must sign the Letter of Authorization to give us the authorization to collect the documents on your behalf. This letter is usually required to be presented at the University when collecting your documents.

Processing Time

The processing time may vary depending on the specific university and the time of the year. Generally, it may take approximately 6-8 weeks to obtain your transcript, with the possibility of longer processing times during peak periods or holiday. Please note that Chinese Universities will have their winter break (from January to February) and summer break (from July to August) and therefore their offices will be closed during these times.

Important Notes

Students must provide all required information (including full name, passport number, student ID, and program/University name) accurately and honestly. 

Your student ID and program name must match the record in the University, without your student ID, unfortunately, we won’t be able to locate and collect your documents at the University.

Your graduation date should not be longer than 10 years from today. It’s very challenging for the Universities to find the record from 10-20 years ago so we may not be able to collect your documents if that’s the case. Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee the collection if your graduation date was over 10 years ago.

We have the right to deny your request if we found a mismatch in your information or if the information you provided is incomplete.

Refund Policy

If we are unable to successfully obtain your transcript within 8 weeks (excluding holidays), we will promptly issue a refund (minus our service fee). 

For inquiries about the estimated processing time and our service, please feel free to contact us at

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