Priority Application Service

Our basic service application service to you is free to students – we are funded by Chinese Universities. We always do our best service to you, however during peaks times we can sometimes experience a high level of inquiries and applications. Our priority application service is $100 USD and provides you with a higher level of personalised service with quicker response times and fast tracked application.

– All your inquiries will be copied to our CEO to be monitored more closely
– Your inquiries will be fast tracked with highest priority and you will receive a response more quickly from our team during peak times.
– Your application will be submitted with highest priority and followed up more urgently. Sometimes the result can be given between 2 hours to 2 weeks. (Please note that the application processing time depends on each University and is outside our control – we can only do our best to ensure that your application is as fast as possible)

To order the priority application service please add $100 USD to your application fee and let your counsellor know that you ordered the priority application service.