Priority Application Service

Our basic service application service to you is free to students – we are funded by Chinese Universities. We always do our best service to you, however during peaks times we can sometimes experience a high level of inquiries and applications. Our priority application service is $100 USD and provides you with a higher level of personalised service with quicker response times and fast tracked application.

– All your inquiries will be copied to our CEO to be monitored more closely
– Your inquiries will be fast tracked with highest priority and you will receive a response more quickly from our team during peak times.
– Your application will be submitted with highest priority and followed up more urgently. Sometimes the result can be given between 2 hours to 2 weeks. (Please note that the application processing time depends on each University and is outside our control – we can only do our best to ensure that your application is as fast as possible)

To order the priority application service please add $100 USD to your application fee and let your counsellor know that you ordered the priority application service.

What Students Say

Long time I haven’t had such a professional handling of things and I worked ten years in Luxury Hotels. Thanks.
– Joe, Italy

I find services at China Admissions very satisfactorily, in fact, it has an excellent support staff who are very responsive to our email enquiries from time to time. Keep up the good work China Admissions, I am grateful for your professional services. I will recommend to other students planning study in China to use China Admissions services as it is very efficient and effective in processing applications for placement in any Universities in China. Thank you for your excellent services to international students. Keep up the good work.
– Bertha Amosa, Papua New Guinea

I am Zahir’s dad, Zahir is about to finish his program. He got married on 26 Feb, now honeymooning in Beijing. I once again thank you for your support without which Zahir woudln’t have had his dream accomplished.
– Ummer, Dubai

How to Buy The Priority Service

To pay the $100 USD Priority Application Service by Paypal click the Pay Now button below. To pay by bank
transfer or western union download the payment Instructions here. Please note that the priority service does not
include the application fees to the Universities. These vary by University and are typically $60-$150 per
University. If you require any assistance or have any questions please contact us and one of our advisors can
help answer your questions

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