IET Test Cancellation & Refund Policy

You can request a cancellation after booking the IET test. If you request a refund more than 3 days before the test, you can get a full refund minus 25% administration fee.

The IET test is not refundable within 3 days of the booked test time.

If you change your mind and don’t wish to proceed with the test it is not refundable after you have booked the test with the examiner. In exceptional circumstances, such as a medical emergency, you can rebook your test at a later time. Please send to us evidence of the reason such as a medical note.

If the IET test is not recognised by the university you are applying to.

We guarantee that the IET test is recognised by all the universities in China (except for C9 universities and CSC).

In the case that you have taken the test and it is not approved by a university (not including one of those mentioned above). You can request a full refund through the link here.

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