Update Information Or Send Promotion To International Students

We regularly check your website to make sure we have updated information. Our goal is to try to provide as much information to students
as possible to help them understand your University better.

Please help to let us know as soon as there are any updates to your programs or in case you would like to make any announcements.

We will post the articles on our blog and also send this information to interested students on our database and through social media.
We hope this can support you as much as possible.

Normally we will reply back to give you a link to the update within 5 days.

You can send this by email to rich@china-admissions.com.

We also always appreciate any feedback or ideas you have on how we can improve.

Thank you

  • Please explain the information to update. Please provide screenshots, or URL links to the pages.
  • Max. file size: 2 MB.
    Please add all images / articles etc., that you would like us to upload and include

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