Chinese Characters Crash Program

Introduction to the Program

The Chinese Characters Crash Program at ECNU is a one semester (or more) program for international students.

About East China Normal University

Founded in Shanghai in October 1951, East China Normal University (ECNU) is one of the most prestigious universities in China and is sponsored by the national programs “Project 211” and “Project 985”. For more information visit the ECNU page here.

About the Program

Do you want to overcome the difficulties in recognizing and writing Chinese characters? Now it’s high time move to join the Chinese Character Class! Expressly established for international students who want to improve the abilities of reading and writing Chinese, Chinese Character Class can help you get over all the difficulties in Chinese character learning, making it easy to build a bridge between you and Chinese characters.

Course features:

1. You will be taught all the basic and essential knowledge about characters including strokes,
structures, radicals as well as the culture behind them; You would be able to memorize the
characters using the most efficient and interesting methods;
2. A small and concentrated class with a maximum of 15 students;
3. Through this specialized program, the students are expected to master at least 2000 characters
with the application of diverse teaching tools and innovative methodology;
4. To help the students develop a good sense of Chinese characters and improve their abilities of
recognition, association and speculation in characters’ meaning and pronunciation;
5. To integrate the characters’ instruction with words, sentences and chapters, which can help
students attain a systematic base of the characters.

Start Date of the Program


Entry Requirements

16 years old and above, with valid foreign passport.

Applicants are supposed to reach intermediate level in the aspect of oral Chinese skills.

Application Deadline



Class hour:

Morning: Monday-Friday 8:45-11:30,15 class hours per week (1 class hour = 50 minutes)

Afternoon: Monday, Tuesday 13:00-15:30 & Thursday 13:00-16:15, 10 class hours per week (1 class hour = 45 minutes)

Levels and types of classes:

Character Analysis&Writing: To teach students how to find out the principles in Chinese character structures and pronunciations through deep analysis. To enlarge the students’ store of characters efficiently.

Reading Course: Combined with oral practice part, to deepen students’ understanding of Chinese character in the way of both reading and speaking.

Text Writing Course: To enhance the students’ practical writing skills about how to record, describe and narrate things in daily life contexts with correct and authentic expressions.

Special Reading: Using particular materials like poems, classical Chinese, literature, ects, to deepen the students’ understanding of Chinese culture and the characters.

1. Applicants are supposed to reach intermediate level in the aspect of oral Chinese skills. The class would be open once there are two applicants confirmed.
2. Applicants who also want to improve the ability of oral communication can apply for the Intensive Class or Mini Class in the afternoon.

Morning Course Timetable Sample:

Chinese Characters Crash Program-Morning Course Timetable Sample

Tuition Fees

Chinese Characters Crash Program-fees


There are four international student dorms on Zhongshan Rd. Campus: International Exchange Service Center, No.1 International Student Residence Hall, No.2 International Student Residence Hall, and No.12 Student Residence Hall. For further information on the accommodation visit the accommodation page here.

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