Business Chinese Program

Introduction to the Program

The Business Chinese Program at ECNU is a one semester (or more) program for international students.

About East China Normal University

Founded in Shanghai in October 1951, East China Normal University (ECNU) is one of the most prestigious universities in China and is sponsored by the national programs “Project 211” and “Project 985”. For more information visit the ECNU page here.

About the Program

This featured language program is designed for those who will or have already engaged in business career under Chinese-related background. We customize a series of courses to help you obtain a larger vocabulary and specialized knowledge of business purpose. Through this program, the students’ capabilities of listening, speaking, reading and writing centred around business Chinese’s proficiency would be greatly improved at the same time. The diverse classes fit the pragmatic needs and use for the students, who will learn appropriate and idiomatic expressions, as well as grasp practical communication skills in business surroundings.

Start Date of the Program


Entry Requirements

16 years old and above, with valid foreign passport

Application Deadline



Business Chinese Program

Business Chinese Program

Advanced Business Practice & Culture Program

Advanced Business Practice And Culture Program

Types of Classes

Core Courses:

Intensive Reading, Communication Skills, Chinese Business News Updates,
Listening Comprehension, Business Chinese’s Writing


Case Study, Chinese Business Envionment, Cooperate Culture, Negotiation Skills, Business Etiquette, etc.

Extracurricular Activities:

To help students integrate with the genuine business environment in China and to let you deeply understand the corporation culture and companys’ operation modes, we will arrange various extracurricular activities, such as visiting some MNC(eg.GM) and local companies, inviting employees from big companys to give lecures and helding discussions with Chinese students from business or management majors.

Timetable Schedule(subject to changes) Class Hour:30/week(1class hour=45min)

Business Chinese Program-Timetable Schedule

Tuition Fees

Business Chinese Program-fees


There are four international student dorms on Zhongshan Rd. Campus: International Exchange Service Center, No.1 International Student Residence Hall, No.2 International Student Residence Hall, and No.12 Student Residence Hall. For further information on the accommodation visit the accommodation page here.

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