China MBA Application Service

Our basic service application service to you is free to students – we are funded by Chinese Universities. We always do our best to give you the highest level of service.

Many MBA candidates request additional services from us to help them throughout the application process so we can give you additional support. To help you more we offer an MBA Application Service.

With the MBA application service you will receive the following benefits:
– Personalised advisor who has studied an MBA in China already to help you select the most suitable program for you and guide you
– Advice on the essay questions and reviewing
– We will help check all the documents and with the admissions staff to assist you throughout the process
– Assistance in applying to scholarships for your MBA
– Your application will be given priority service which helps fast track your application and inquiries during peak times
– Your admissions letter and visa form will be sent to you by DHL signed for service to your home address
  – Free introductions to internships during your time in China
  – At least 3-5 introductions for career advice and introductions to our network in China and Alumni from China’s top Universities (China Admissions is funded by China’s largest accelerator) and has a wide network of business mentors, For introductions please make sure to download wechat

The cost of the MBA service is $790 USD and it includes the application fees to 3 MBA programs.

If you are interested please complete the form here and we can arrange a time for a free call back to give you help on the application process, and help suggest some options for you.

To get started please:
– 1) Read more about MBA programs in China here.
– 2) Create your application here and let us know your application ID
– 3) Book a time with us here. We will review your application

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