I am actually writing this testimonial on behalf of my nephew Tadeo Esono Engonga Nzang for whom i got the opportunity to work with the incredible China Admission team members to get Tadeo admitted and traveled to Dalian, China for his university studies.

China Admission is the best i have ever worked with when it comes to university admission. They are so effective, responsive, within reach whenever needed, versatile in providing different options to get the admission process completed in time, as well as flexible to accommodating sudden changes in plans with visa, logistics, international tuition/admission payments.

China Admission has inspired and motivated me to actually engage in other projects to send students to China, because they are making it so easy that it doesn’t matter where you are from or located around the world; you can still go to study and/or send students to China from your own location.

I am so thankful and appreciative for China Admission’s incredible and outstanding performance in helping my nephew Tadeo Esono Engonga Nzang travel to China for his post-secondary education.

My many and sincere thanks and appreciations.
Andres Ntutumu Ndong Obono
for Tadeo Esono Engonga Nzang

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