China admission :
I am a former Soviet Union graduate Civil Engineer ; aged 69 years , relatively physical strong and active .

I have almost all through this academic year being in frequent contacts with the organization , “China admission” in pursuit for graduate admission on behalf of my son who graduated here at home with a Bachelor degree.

China admission I can attest to , being one among the rarely few best of its kind in seeking admission into any University / Institution in China for international students of any part of the world.
This in respective of region , religion , race or color of the individual student / parent.

The other peculiar observations is the relatively very low cost fees charges for the applications process . This being administered with due diligence , honesty and promptness in responding to inquiries and queries with utmost regards to the individual.

Thus , I hereby , do strongly recommend “China admission” to any private student wishing to seek admission for studies in China , as a reliable partner organization to contact for assistance.

{ Faithfully submitted as an “attestation” for the Organization “China-admission” whenever and wherever applicable to them }.
Usman A Conteh ( c.eng )

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