New Program Launched: Study Bachelor’s in Law in English

UIBE (University of International Business and Economics) has launched a new program – Undergraduate program in Business law!

There has been huge demand from students for this program and we are pleased to announce this program has launched. Previously there were no other options for students and this is now the leading Bachelor’s in Law in English in China.

The advantages of this program are that they are at UIBE, and you can study a variety of other subjects such as Politics, Marketing and Economics as well as law, or you can specialise on Law.

Another advantage of UIBE is that there is a large variety of internships available for students

International Undergraduate Programs (IUPs) are the English degree programs
offered for undergraduate, international students within the University of
International Business and Economics (UIBE). IUPs last approximately four (4) years by the end of which successful students will earn bachelor degrees certified by the Ministry of Education as well as the Ministry of Commerce.
UIBE China campusOriginally, IUPs had three majors: International Trade, Finance and Economics. Now, the program has expanded to offer seven majors: the earlier listed majors plus Business AdministrationMarketingInternational Politics, International Business Law and Finance-International Finance and Investment Concentration.
UIBE is a very famous University among Chinese people and foreigners as well. But it’s not only famous, but very popular. The total number of students that are currently a part of the programs listed above has reached 300; in total there are students from 84 countries. More information on UIBE here.

And UIBE’s program in Law is the top English taught Bachelor’s program in Business Law in China.

Entry Requirements for Bachelor’s programs in UIBE are:
Students need to be over 18 with a sufficient English level. Students who are 17 can also apply but need to be pre-approved by the admissions office first.
The application deadline is May 20th each year for September start. The tuition fee is 49,750 RMB per academic year.
You can see the curriculum of the undergraduate program in Business law here.
 UIBE china
If you are interested in applying for Bachelor’s in Business Law in China, UIBE or you’d like to apply for any other program at UIBE, contact us at or you can send us your documents through here.
Shynar from Kazakhstan, studied at Beijing Language and Culture University.
Shynar Shinibekova

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