Accommodation at Zhengzhou University

The University is committed to providing the best possible opportunities for international students coming to Zhengzhou for the first time. We have a wide and varied range university-managed accommodation options which are safe, affordable and convenient. There are a number of unique advantages for campus accommodations:

  • Guaranteed accommodation for fresh international fee-paying students.
  • Over 1,200 places available in halls of residence for international students.
  • Ethernet connection in most rooms, providing 24-hour access to e-mail and internet facilities.
  • Safe, supportive and secure environment.
  • Room is equipped with a bathroom, a complete set of furniture, an air conditioner, a telephone, a heater and an electric water heater. Every floor of the hostel has a public kitchen and laundry room.

There are four buildings specially arranged for international students:

  1. Building 17 of Liuyuan (Building 17 Park of Willow), for students of short term non-degree programs;
  2. Building 2 of Heyuan (Building 2 Park of Lotus), for female students of degree programs;
  3. Building 12 of Songyuan (Building 12 of Pine Tree), for male students of degree programs;
  4. International Student Hostel (East Campus), for medical students of postgraduate programs and medical students of undergraduate programs in later stage.

The location, type and price of on-campus accommodation are as following:

zzu accommodation on campus prices

Postgraduate students as well as undergraduate students (after first three-year study) can choose to live off campus.

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