Chinese Language Program at Tianjin International Chinese College

Introduction to the Program

The Chinese Language Program aims to equip you with the right knowledge to improve your Chinese proficiency.

About Tianjin International Chinese College

Tianjin International Chinese College is an international language school that hosts students from all over the world including countries such as South Africa, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Korea, Colombia, Ireland, Portugal, and Spain among many others.

It is a language university that offers both Chinese language and preparatory university programs. International students who wish to study at the college can be issued study visas (X1/X2) by TICC.

Students who study at TICC are able to get internships easily due to the partnerships the college has with firms in Tianjin Economic-Technological Development Area (TETA).

About the Program

The Chinese Language Program aims to equip you with the right knowledge to improve your Chinese proficiency, be able to use Chinese in your daily communication and pass important tests such as HSK and HKC. When you enter the program, you will be placed in different classes depending on the results of your placement tests.

Once you complete the program, you can apply to different Chinese universities and colleges. Chinese schools prefer TICC graduates because of their exemplary Chinese fluency and excellent HSK and HKC test scores.


Required Course: Comprehensive Chinese, Spoken Chinese, Oral Practice and Reading and Writing Chinese

Elective Course

Language Class: Introduction to Chinese Pronunciation, Advanced Chinese Pronunciation, HKC Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Course, Business Chinese, Chinese Idioms, Chinese Films and TV, Chinese for Computer and Technology, Contemporary Topics, Introduction to China and Chinese News

Chinese Talent Class: Chinese Kongfu, Chinese Painting, Chinese Calligraphy, Guqin, Paper-cut and Chinese Knot and Beijing Opera.

Language Practice: Meet-ups with Chinese students, School Visits, Language Competitions

Entry Requirements

  • Copy of the personal information page of your passport;
  • Copy of your physical examination form from your home country;
  • Copy of the diploma or certificate of your highest degree;
  • Copy of the certificate of clearance;
  • An electronic copy of study plan;
  • A clear profile photo (passport photo preferred);
  • Optional: copy of your Chinese language proof such as HSK.

Application Deadline

For the fall semester which starts in September, the deadline is July 1st. For the spring semester which starts in March, the deadline is January 1st.



  • Tuition fee: RMB 7,000 per semester
  • Application fee: RMB 500
  • Insurance: RMB 400
  • Books and supplies: RMB 500


  • Tuition fee: RMB 2,200 per month
  • Application fee: RMB 500
  • Insurance: RMB 400
  • Books and supplies: RMB 300


Students at TICC can either choose double room residence or single room residence. Charges for the rooms include:

Single Room: RMB 80 per day

Double Room: RMB 40 per day


There are 2 scholarships available for students at TICC. They include:

Tianjin Government Scholarship

This scholarship is aimed at attracting international students to study in China. This is done in order to promote the development of higher education of international students in Chinese cities and provinces. It covers the tuition fee.

The Belt and Road Scholarship

This scholarship is available to international students, teachers. It is aimed at helping them study and conduct research in Chinese universities. It is available for all degrees including bachelor’s, masters and Ph.D.


There are a number of accommodation options for students. For full information see the accommodation page here.

About the Application Process

To apply complete the application form and pay the application fee here. Applications take 4-6 weeks before a decision is given, and students are accepted on a rolling basis. After you have been accepted you will receive your official acceptance letter visa application form. If you have any questions contact us.

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