Introduction to That’s Mandarin

That’s Mandarin is one of the oldest Chinese schools in China. With a unique approach to language learning and our own in-house teaching methodologies; we aim to be not only the most experienced, but also the best Mandarin school in China!

We focus on providing the smoothest service and the best teaching experience to all our students; no matter whether they are studying Chinese online or at one of our Chinese language schools in China.

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About That’s Mandarin

That’s Mandarin was founded in Beijing in 2005 and has been growing strong ever since. We now have schools in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Qingdao, with plans to open more locations in more cities soon.

Our talented and enthusiastic teachers are all university educated and are experienced at working with students of all ages.

Our activities are engaging, inspiring and fun, with an emphasis on being educational and, above all, safe!

That’s Mandarin is currently expanding to more cities around China to increase our reach and to impart our knowledge and enthusiasm for Mandarin to more students in China and around the world. We hope to maintain our high standard of customer service and Mandarin teaching, as well as continuing to increase and develop our dedicated teaching staff.


The foundation of our Curriculum lies in the combination of individual-focused learning, with the aim of matching our students to a course that suits their motivations. Before signing up with us we will assess your level and work out the best program for you.

We also offer a trial lesson at our schools or online, depending on where you are; that way you can get a feel for who we are!

We can cater for all learning requirements. Whether you’re learning for work, to pass an exam or just for leisure; we have a course to suit you. If you have Chinese language goals to reach we are dedicated to getting you there.



Beijing is well-known for being China’s governing city, as well as its capital. Beijing is a fascinating place steeped in culture, adventure and surprises! When choosing Beijing the main thing to remember is to expect the unexpected! For history, culture & an authentic Eastern experience, the city of contrasts is the place to choose.

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Our centrally located Beijing campus is harbored in loftstyle space, taking up 2 levels. Downstairs in the main part of our school, you will find our reception, a number of offices, a lounge area, a large hall and a number of classrooms that veer away from the main hall. Look up & you will see a number of classrooms at balcony level. Our upstairs lounge & rooftop area is the tranquil learning zone, a great place for students to take a minute to escape the city or catch up with each other. Unlike the downstairs sofa area, this space is closed off, offering a private environment. Each lounge area includes a free coffee & tea bar, comfortable sofas and wi-fi.


Shanghai is renowned for its Western façade and never- stopping attitude. This fast paced city is still growing and is firmly marking its place up top with the world’s best, like New York, Paris and London. If you enjoy bright lights and a big city vibe, China’s urban hub will keep you inspired and entertained.

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Aside from its fantastic location, our Shanghai school is itself an impressive building which is set up on a number of leveled areas, where you can walk up, down and into its many parts. High ceilings, open spaces and lots of natural light! When you are not in class there are a number of comfortable areas within the school to socialize with other students and teachers. Students can help themselves to coffee and tea at our drinks bar and find a comfortable seat to get down to reviewing their notes or taking advantage of the free wi-fi.

Cultural Trips & Activities

To maximize the students grip on Chinese culture we organize regular cultural activities and excursions, inside and outside our campuses. All of the events are thoroughly planned and participants are accompanied by our staff. The activities & excursions aim to teach students about Chinese life and culture and encourage each participant to use his/her Chinese.


Students can choose from a selection of accommodation options when they study with us. It really depends on personal preference. The four accommodation types we offer are: Homestay, single or shared serviced hotel apartments and university dorms. For further information on the accommodation visit the accommodation page here.

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