Introduction to Shanghai University of Finance and Economics

The Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (SUFE), founded in 1917, is a top-ranked, world-renowned research university. SUFE focuses on applied economics and management with theoretical economics as its basis. Its subjects include science, law, philosophy and humanities as well. SUFE has been selected as one of the 21st Century’s 100 key universities In China (the so called “211 Project”) end also is a member of the national project to build outstanding universities.

About SUFE

As the oldest financial university in China, SUFE has developed its own spirit over the years. SUFE places much emphasis on being industrious, having a consciousness of all things economic, and making contributions to society. With SUFE now increasingly opening itself to the outside world, it aims to showcase this spirit as well as its outstanding teaching quality. Focusing on Applied Economics and Management Science, SUFE’s approach is multidisciplinary, utilizing elements of finance, economics, management, law and science. In 1981, SUFE became the first financial university awarded the right to grant doctoral degrees. In addition, it was among the first nine schools to be selected as an MBA Experimental Education Base and one of the first schools to set up a post-doctoral program in economics.

SUFE has embraced internationalization and regularly collaborates with such institutions as the World Bank’s Economic Development Institute (EDI), the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). In addition, SUFE works well with international professional organizations, such as the UK’s Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), Canada’s Certified General Accountants (CGA), the USA’s Life Office Management Association (LOMA), the UK’s Chartered Insurance Institute (CII), and the British Insurance Actuary Association (BIAA). SUFE also cooperates with many foreign universities, including Webster University (USA), the University of Southampton (UK), the University of Brunel (UK), Deakin University (Australia), the University of Vaasa (Finland), Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and Gifu University (Japan).

Since 1994, SUFE has been recruiting International students as well as students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. The International Cultural Exchange School (ICES) of SUFE is devoted to the admission, education and administration of international students either with scholarships or self-supported.


The Library of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics has so long a history that could be traced back to the library of Shanghai Commercial College, which was founded in 1921 and attributed to Southeast University.

The total collections of SUFE library is composed of its stock of all kinds of resource reaching over 1,995,000, include 1,247,000 books, 2,000 kinds of newly-published newspapers and periodicals both in Chinese and foreign languages and 18TB of digital materials.

There are 16 reading rooms performing different functions with a seating capacity of over 2,000 seats. The library opens 90 hours a week.

SUFE library has been equipped with computerized management system. So it can be used to administer nearly all the routine programs automatically. Through connecting to the campus LAN, the library’s LAN is able to link up with the China Educational and Research Network (CERNET) and the INTERNET. On the LAN, we have constructed a bibliographic database both in Chinese and foreign languages reflecting characteristics of the library’s collection and a information retrieval system.

The library is appointed as one of the deposit libraries of the World Bank’s publications. So far it has established four distinctive materials centers including the Research Center of the World Bank’s Publications, the Accounting Material Center, the Material Center of Theoretical Economics and Zurich Insurance & Actuarial Reference and Research Center.


SUFE has four campuses. The main campus, the undergraduate education hub, is on Guoding Road. The North Zhongshan No.1 Road Campus is home to MBA programs, international students and many talented professionals. The Wuchuan Road Campus is a new education base for both undergraduate and graduate students. Finally, there is the Wudong Road Campus, which is currently under construction.

Campus Map

Guoding Road Campus

Map of Guoding Road Campus

Zhongshan Beiyi Road Campus

Map of Zhongshan Beiyi Road Campus

Living in University

The university organises different cultural activities, trips, parties and sports events (football, basketball, volleyball, table-tennis, badminton, tennis and other competitions).

List of Programs for International Students

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