Master’s in Intercultural Communication (IC)

Introduction to the Program

The Master’s in Intercultural Communication (IC) at Shanghai International Studies University (SISU) is a 2  year program for international students taught in English.

About Shanghai International Studies University

Upholding the motto of “Integrity, Vision and Academic Excellence”, Shanghai International Studies University (SISU) is an internationally recognized, prestigious academic institution distinctive for its multidisciplinary and multicultural nature, committed to preparing innovative professionals and future global leaders for a wide range of international expertise to address the critical challenges of our times. For more info visit the page here.

About the Program

This program goes beyond basic comparisons of culture to examine one’s personal cultural orientation, Other awareness, sensitivity and competence, issues in interpersonal communication, intercultural education and training, cross-cultural psychology, cross-cultural business management, and “culture” represented in texts (literature or discourse). Building on the history and status of the IC field, the program focuses first on mastering prominent concepts, theories, and methodologies (analytical, descriptive, and critical research approaches) then applying these to personal or professional interest areas through group projects, discussions, or original investigations (including a research-based thesis). Graduates are trained to be academically and practically equipped to integrate the analysis of culture, context, and discourse into their future research or careers, and develop themselves as well-rounded, competent intercultural analysts and global communicators.

Start Date of the Program


Entry Requirements

  • Applications are open to non-Chinese citizens with reliable financial support and stability who are university graduates with a completed bachelor’s degree (transcript required) and in good health.
  • Applicants must have a good command of English, with one of the following certifications: TOEFL IBT (Internet based) test score of at least 80 points, TOEFL (computer based) test score of at least 213 points, TOEFL (paper based) test score of at least 550 points, or IELTS test score of at least 6.0.  This requirement does not apply to any applicant who has studied for at least two years at, or received a degree from an English speaking high school, college, or university.
  • Applicants with IELTS between 4.5 and 6.0 or equivalent may be admitted conditionally, and will be required to pass an Entrance Examination in English before being officially admitted.

Application Deadline

May 31

  • Academic Foundation Courses – 2+
  • IC Major Courses – 4
  • IC Professional Focus Courses – 6+
  • IC Academic Specialty Electives – 4+
  • Cross-cultural Internship (Report) – 3 credits
  • Total Courses required (minimum): 18 (each course usually 2 credits for 33-37 Credits)


Tuition Fees

The tuition fees are RMB 23,000 per year. The total for the 2 year program is 46,000 RMB.


There are several different options for accommodation at Shanghai International Studies University. For further information visit the accommodation page here.

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