Accommodation at Shenyang Aerospace University

For a better living condition of the international students of Shenyang Institute of Aeronautical Engineering, the university carried out the project of constructing a new international students apartment since 2007. After one year’s preparation and construction, the new apartment finally provides a better living condition for the international students. The apartment was put into use at the end of 2008.

Since then, the apartment has been running smoothly and providing students with more and more convenience and homely services from all aspects.

It is a 12-floor modern building with 260 beds. To meet the different needs of the students, there are three types of rooms for selection.

They are as following:

1. 4,800 RMB per person, per bed, per year, with double-bed room, four persons share one common shower-room and wash-room, TV and telephone.

2. 9,000 RMB per person, per bed, per year, with single bedroom, three/four persons share one common shower, wash-room and sitting room, TV and telephone.

3. 14,000 RMB per person, per room, per person, with shower room, wash room, study room, TV and telephone.

Instead of only providing a suitable living condition, this apartment also helps the students with other facilities, such as:

Spacious Lobby: Containing coffee house and chat tables.

Kitchen: Each floor has a well equipped kitchen for students use.

Laundry: Each floor has laundry with 2 washing machines for students use.

Dining hall: The apartment has a well furnished canteen special designed for international students use.

Classrooms: Comfortable classrooms are available in the apartment for students’ study.

24 hours Reception Desk: To help students with their basic needs and in case of some communication barriers.

Recreation Activity Room: A general recreation room for students relaxation equipped with table tennis tables.

Security Control Office: There is a security control office on the first floor and there are cameras on each floor for students personal safety.

Bicycle Parking: A bicycle parking lot for students who have their personal bicycles.

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