Introduction to the Program

The Bachelor’s in Clinical Medicine (MBBS) at Shantou University Medical College is a five-year program for international students. Students can choose the program conducted in English or Chinese. Qualified applicants have completed all the first year courses are eligible for direct entry to the second year.

About Shantou University Medical College

Shantou University Medical College (SUMC) is an important part of Shantou University, a public university located on the southeast coast of China, jointly funded by the government and Li Ka Shing Foundation. SUMC exists to lead by being student-centered in medical education; patient-centered in health service delivery; application-centered in biomedical and clinical research; public interest-centered in community services; faculty and staff-centered for sustainable development of SUMC. Guided by the core values of innovation, dedication and exemplary professionalism, SUMC continually strengthens education, research, and healthcare services that meet international standards.

About the Program

Following the successful implementation of the “elite classes”, SUMC launched the international program in Clinical Medicine (MBBS) in 2010 with the approval of the Ministry of Education of China, , which has been registered with the International Medical Education Directory (IMED) of the Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER). The program is for international students who have a general interest in China and have the ambition to become an outstanding international clinician capable of practicing medicine in different countries around the world. The admitted international students join our top Chinese students in the “elite classes”. SUMC is committed to providing international students with quality medical education experiences that enable them to become competent physicians with solid medical knowledge, adequate clinical skills, and professionalism. In 2013, SUMC passed the Ministry of Education’s national inspection of foreign student programs in medical schools, and we were encouraged to increase enrollment as our five-year program was well recognized.

The five-year curriculum includes basic courses in the first year, system-based basic & clinical courses, skill training courses and elective courses in the second and third years, clinical courses in the fourth year, clinical internship and elective courses in the fifth year. Courses are taught in English by qualified basic science and clinical faculties, with established international textbooks and publications are as references for the students. The program effectively integrates basic medical science with advanced clinical training.

SUMC adopts a student-centered educational model based on the concept of life-long learning and focused on skills development and attitude cultivation. Through interactive projects, joint case studies, group debates, book discussions and journal clubs, and effective self-study, students at SUMC quickly develop their professional competencies and skills. SUMC students are allowed to experience clinical practice throughout the entire program. Actual clinical exposure is maximized through elective courses, bedside instruction sessions, health services charity projects, clinical rotations and intensive clinical internships in SUMC-affiliated hospitals. The Clinical Skills Training Center at SUMC, a state-of-the-art clinical simulation and learning center designed as an actual modern hospital, also efficiently facilitates the acquisition of the professional skills and competencies required in clinical practice through the use of sophisticated simulation models, multimedia learning systems, and professional standardized patients. In addition, SUMC adopts a mentorship model for this international medical program whereby international students are mentored by experienced and internationally-oriented professors as well as senior peer mentors who can help you navigate all of the stages of the program, including basic science stage and clinical stage.

To assess student performance, we use internationally accepted assessment instruments such as Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE), Teaching Objective Structured Clinical Examination (TOSCE), and the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE). The pass rates of the students from the elite classes in China’s National Medical Licensure Examination and USMLE exams have retained 100% (vs the national average pass rate 20%) and 93-98% respectively.

Some of our international students have gained their residency positions in USA, Thailand and Malaysia.

Graduation, Degree, and Commencement

In order to graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree from SUMC, you must:

  • Make sure you satisfy all SUMC requirements;
  • Complete all the required courses and pass all the required examinations;
  • Fulfill your financial obligations to the school.

Upon successful completion of the program, a Bachelor’s Degree of Medicine accredited by the Ministry of Education of China will be awarded. Commencement for all graduating students is held every year in June. It is a university-wide event. Families, friends, and guests are invited to celebrate this important milestone with their graduates.

Start Date of the Program


Entry Requirements

  • Applicants should have a foreign nationality and a valid passport. Chinese emigrants should have been granted the foreign nationality for at least four years and have actually resided in the country for an accumulation of at least two years in the past four years.
  • Applicants should have graduated from an accredited high school or above. For high school graduates, reasonable ACT (American College Testing) or SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) scores or equivalent college entrance examinations would be an advantage.
  • Applicants from non-English speaking countries are required to have a high level of competency in English.
  • Applicants should be physically and mentally healthy and have a clean criminal record.

Application Deadline

July 15


Download SUMC Overview of the Five Year . More information about the MBBS program can be found here

Tuition Fees

The tuition fees are RMB 52,000 per year. The total for the 4 or 5-year program is RMB 208,000 / 260,000.


To apply complete the application form and pay the application fee here. It takes approximately 4-6 weeks for your application to be processed and before an admissions decision is given. After you have been accepted you will receive your official acceptance letter visa application form. If you have any questions contact us.

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