Four-week Chinese Language Studies Program

Introduction to the Program

The PKU Four-week Chinese Language Studies Program is organized and administered by the International Students Division, and taught in the School of Chinese as a Second Language. Upon completion of the program, those students who meet the assessment criteria will be issued with a certificate and transcript from Peking University. Students will be divided into 3 levels—elementary, intermediate, and advanced. There will be four hours of teaching each day, a total of twenty hours per week.

About Peking University

Peking University is frequently placed the best university in China by many national and international rankings. In addition to academics, Peking University is especially renowned for its campus grounds, and the beauty of its traditional Chinese architecture.
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Program Start Date

February 21st

Entry Requirements

  • Non-Chinese citizen;
  • Aged between 18 and 50 (inclusive);
  • In good health;
  • High school diploma or above;
  • No criminal record.

Application Deadline

Applications are on a ‘rolling’ (first come, first served) basis – until all places are filled.

Tuition Fees

The program tuition fee is 6,000 RMB (including cost of textbooks ).    

Program Details

Class hours: Monday to Friday, four hours per day (twenty hours per week).

Mandarin course: All courses aim to improve students’ proficiency in Mandarin Chinese. The compulsory courses are Intensive Reading and Spoken Chinese. All courses are taught in Chinese.

Class arrangements: Classes will be divided into 3 levels—elementary, intermediate, and advanced. Students will be required to take the Mandarin proficiency test before registering for classes. There will be no more than fifteen students in each class.

Transcript and Certificate: Upon completion of the language course, those students who meet the assessment requirements will be issued with a certificate and a transcript.

Extracurricular Activities: To enhance the students’ experience of China, PKU will arrange several visits to well-known scenic spots in Beijing, student exchange activities, and lectures of Chinese culture (in English and Japanese).


The dormitories for international students at the main campus are located at Shao Yuan (勺 园). There are limited spaces on campus for international students so students can stay in private accommodation outside of the University. Many students stay in private apartments in the Wudaokou area.

Peking University Building 2        Peking University Accommodation

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