Introduction to Northwest University

Northwest University is a top University in Xi’an City in Shaanxi province offering programs to international students to learn Chinese and Chemistry PhD programs in English. There are two campuses at Northwest University, a North and a South campus. There are about 600 international students at Northwest University.

About Xi’an City:

Xi’an is an ancient capital of China during and the start of the famous silk road. It is also the home to the famous Terracotta Warriors.

Xi’an is the largest city in Northwest China, and is developing considerably in recent years as part of China’s “Go West Campaign”. Xi’an has re-emerged as an important cultural, industrial and educational centre of the central-northwest region, with facilities for research and development, national security and China’s space exploration program.

History of Northwest University

Northwest University has its origin in Shaanxi College founded in 1902, and assumed its present name in 1912. It was renamed National Northwest University in 1923, and called National Xi’an Provisional University after the merger with National Beiping University, Beiping Normal University, Beiyang College of Engineering and other institutions, which moved inland to Shaanxi when the War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression broke out in 1937. The Provisional University was subsequently named National Northwest Associated University in 1938, and National Northwest University in 1939.

In the early period after the founding of the People’s Republic of China, Northwest
University was one of the 14 comprehensive universities under the direct administration of the central government’s Ministry of Education. In 1958, the University came under the administration of the Shaanxi Provincial Government. In 1978, it was designated as one of the key universities in China. Currently, the University is one of China’s leading comprehensive, multi-disciplinary universities of liberal arts, sciences, engineering, management, law and medicine, with equal emphasis on both teaching and research. It is also one of the institutions of higher learning listed in the State’s Project 211, and one of the universities supported by the State in its western China development campaign.

Silk Road Scholarship
In order to attract more excellent Ph.D international candidates to study at Northwest University, promote cultural exchange among the countries along the Silk Road and the internationalization of NWU, Northwest University set up the International Students Silk Road Scholarship.

I. Application Eligibilities:
1. Non-Chinese Ph.D candidates;
2. Applicants should have master degree or above, aged below 45.
3. Applicants should achieve average score above 75% during master study period.
4. Prerequisite Language Requirements:
1) For Chinese Taught Programs, applicants should have HSK 5 Certificate when apply.
2) For English Taught Programs, applicants should have English Proficiency Certificate : TOEFL 60 or above; IELTS 5.5 or above (Except applicants from native English countries)
5. Applicants should graduate from International well-known universities (Both Undergraduate and Master Level). Scientific invention patent holders or applicants who had published papers in world known papers or magazines are highly preferred.

II. Coverage of the Scholarship
1. Tuition
2. On-campus Accommodation
3. Monthly Allowance (¥3000 RMB per person per month for 12 months a year)
4. Comprehensive Health Insurance

III. Application Period: January 1st— June 30th (for all programs)

Life at Northwest University

Northwest University currently boasts 11 public teaching buildings including 312
classrooms on North campus, South Campus, and Taoyuan Campus respectively. There are 4 teaching buildings on North Campus providing 94 classrooms and 8482 seats, including 60 multimedia classrooms with 5162 seats. Another 4 teaching buildings are located on South Campus providing 150 classrooms and 13989 seats, including 47 multimedia classrooms with 6664 seats. The rest 3 teaching buildings are on Taoyuan campus with a total of 63 classrooms and 8405 seats, including 17 multimedia classrooms with 3308 seats.

The Student Union of Northwest University is a bridge-like student organization
connecting the students and the school under the guidance and leaderships of the NWU Party Committee and CYL-NWU. The fundamental purpose of the Student Union is to service the students whole-heartedly in a way of “self-educating, self-managing, self-servicing”. With improving the overall quality of the students as its core work, the Student Union works actively by enriching the campus life, preserving students’ rights and interests and guiding students’ ideas. Forty-seven student committees are affiliated to the Student Union in the Northwest, classified into social practices, literatures and arts, academics and researches, and sports and entertainments. All the students in the Northwest University are encouraged to participate in the extracurricular life on campus.

Northwest University has a large number of student societies which international students are encouraged to participate in. A few are written below
Magic Association
Fighting Club
Entrepreneurship Association
Roller-blading Association
Table Tennis Fans Association
Tai Ji Culture Society
“Zi Wu” Calligraphy Association
“Zheng Cheng” Love Association
Rope Jumping Association
Kickboxing Association
Tennis Association
Badminton Association
Bicycle Association
Referee Association
Stargazers Association
Card & Stamp Collecting Association

There are also the following annual sports events:
City wall marathon races
CICE International Student Choir
Chinese Painting Competition
Artistic performances
Chinese speaking Contest
Chinese Calligraphy Competition h.
Taiji Competition[/fusion_tab] [fusion_tab title=”Northwest University Campus”]

Northwest University Campus

Northwest University has two campuses. These are Chang’an Campus, and Taibai Campus. The maps for these campuses can be seen below. Click the images below to download.

Northwest University Campus Map

List of Programs for International Students

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