Master’s in International Relations

Introduction to the Program

The Master’s in International Relations at Glasgow-Nankai Joint Graduate School is a two year Master’s degree program taught in English.

About Glasgow-Nankai Joint Graduate School

Founded in 2014 with the approval of the Chinese Ministry of Education, with a mission to provide students with a research-led education of the highest international quality across a range of subjects.

About the Program

The MSc in International Relations provides a rigorous grounding in the study of international relations, politics, and development. It will equip you with the knowledge of methodologies appropriate to such study.

Drawing on a range of different disciplinary approaches – from Political Science, International Relations, Area Studies, and Economic and Social History – the MSc in International Relations will survey the major contemporary challenges in world politics. In particular, it will focus on relations between state and non-state actors in the context of a globalized and interdependent world.

The programme will also provide research training that will encompass both research skills and methodologies.

The programme will conclude with a dissertation. This focused piece of work will permit you to develop your own ideas and demonstrate your capacity for original thought; while also building on the themes and issues covered in the full range of courses.

The programme provides you with:

  • a comprehensive programme of study reflecting a broad picture of global politics in the 21st century.
  • opportunities to reflect on theoretical and conceptual approaches to global politics
  • knowledge of a range of relevant disciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches to the study of world politics derived from the social sciences and humanities

As a graduate, you will possess the knowledge and understanding to:

  • Demonstrate a thorough knowledge of theoretical approaches and debates in Politics, International Relations, and Development Studies
  • Demonstrate broad and informed knowledge of central issues in international politics such as the legitimacy of the world trading system, new ways of conceptualizing security and challenges to traditional understandings of state sovereignty
  • Conceptually locate rival approaches to studying international relations, politics, and development within a broader set of debates in social sciences and humanities
  • Demonstrate an understanding of different approaches to international relations as they bear on specific domains of interest.


The degree programme is delivered over two years of full-time study and courses are delivered by both Universities.

Possible Nankai University delivered courses may include:

  • Challenges in International Politics
  • China’s Foreign Policy
  • Institutions and Policies of the EU
  • International Political Economy
  • US Foreign Policy
  • International Conflict and Negotiation
  • International Organization
  • International Law.

The possible University of Glasgow delivered courses may include:

  • International Relations Theory
  • Challenges in International Politics
  • Globalization in the Modern Economy
  • Comparative European Politics
  • Russian Foreign Policy
  • EU in International Politics and Development
  • The Geopolitics of Central Europe

Entry Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent
  • IELTS 6.0 or equivalent

Application Deadline

20th May

Start Date of the program

14th September

Tuition Fees

The tuition fees are RMB 35000 per year. The total for the two-year program is 70000 RMB.


During your studies you will live in the overseas student dormitories. Living on campus gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in campus life, allows you to meet other international students and make friends from all over the world.For further information on the accommodation visit the accommodation page here.

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