Accommodation at Nanjing University

There are two campuses in Nanjing University: Gulou Campus which is located in downtown Nanjing and Xianlin Campus which is located 20 kilometers away from Gulou campus.

Gulou Campus

All non-degree language students and some degree students are assigned to study in Gulou campus. They can apply for XiYuan International Students Dorm. XiYuan offers a twin room for about 50 RMB per person per day, and a single room for about 65 RMB per person per day.

Xianlin Campus

Some degree students are required to study in Xianlin Campus. The expense of Xinlin International Student Dormitories ranges from 5,000 RMB to 10,000 RMB per year.


Due to the fact that international students’ accommodation planning in Gulou campus is very tight, self-paying students upon arriving can first live in surrounding economical hotels which are convenient and equipped with necessary facilities.

Then students can look into renting an apartment near campus. They can find a decent apartment for around 2,500 RMB a month, and the farther away you live from campus, the cheaper it gets. Apartments can be found with the help of administrative staff, by word of mouth, or through street advertisements and other kinds of advertisements.

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