Corporate Programs


With over 200 qualified and fully trained teachers nationwide with a combined average Chinese teaching experience of 5,000 hours, you can be guaranteed that whatever your Chinese level, we can assign you a teacher that can meet you at your time and your location; whether that be the office, home or school.

About Mandarin House

Established in 2004 and one of the first private Mandarin Schools in China, Mandarin House have helped over 20,000 foreign students from 80+ nationalities to speak Mandarin. For more info visit the page here.

Executive Private Tutoring (1-on-1 or 1-on-more)

Flexible schedule and location. You can choose from our comprehensive ‘living’ or ‘business’ curriculum. Our business curriculum covers business topics in the modern Chinese context and will expose you to an overview of China’s changing environment and current business practices.

Alternatively, we can work together with you and/or your company to create a custom designed curriculum according to you Chinese language needs and goals.

Intensive Group Course

In group classes organised by your company or at our schools, you will learn ‘living’ Chinese in an immersive group environment with a focus on spoken communication and daily life. This option is great for newly arrived expatriates or family members who need intensive Chinese language training while settling into China.

Cultural Workshops & Orientation Briefings

Great either to break-in new expatriates to life in China or as a team-building exercise, Mandarin House has a range of seminars and workshops that can breathe new life and understanding into your employees.

Examples include; Chinese culture & history orientation briefing, business etiquette, calligraphy workshop, tea ceremony, survival Chinese language and more. Enquire now to learn more about how our cultural workshops and orientation briefings can benefit your company.

Part Time Chinese

Working during the day and no time to study Chinese? Fear not. Mandarin House hears you and has weekly Chinese group classes with both evening and weekend options.

They Trust Us



Living in a new culture away from home doesn’t need to be a headache, but should be an adventure – a comfortable, friendly and safe adventure. For information on the accommodation visit the accommodation page here.

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