Bachelor’s in Finance

Introduction to the Program

The Bachelor’s in Finance at Jinan University is a four year English-taught undergraduate degree program for international students.

About JNU

There are many special features that Jinan University can be proud of: one of the oldest universities in China and one of the “211” key national universities in China, the 1st university in China that recruits foreign students, the 1st university in China that enrolls students at both spring and autumn semesters, the 1st university that pioneered the implementation of credit system in China, the university with the largest number of overseas students, the only university that finds her alumni in both Chinese and foreign state-level leaders in China… For more info visit the page here.

About the Program

This program aims to turn out high-quality internationalized financial specialists who have armed with a good command of the basic theory and skills in finance and be capable of working with world-wide vision and adaptability in the related fields like banks, bonds and securities, investments, insurance companies and financial administrative organs of government. Students should have a good command of English language proficiency and be able to make use of their financial knowledge intelligently in the international financial market.

Finance professionals help organizations find and manage the resources needed to grow, make investments and acquisitions, plan for the future, and manage existing assets. Finance professionals make investments, oversee long-range financial planning, acquire assets, and work with existing resources. A wide variety of companies and organizations employ finance professionals, ranging from nonprofits to government agencies to global corporations. Learners in the finance specialization will build the finance knowledge and skills needed to advance in the financial services industry or as finance professional within a public or private organization. Beyond expertise in finance, learners also demonstrate the management, interpersonal, and professional thinking skills to impact organizational effectiveness across all levels of their organization. Learners select elective courses based on their individual professional needs.

People who work in finance need more than financial proficiency, as these jobs often require people skills, creative and critical thinking, and confident decision making. A variety of jobs are available to finance professionals, including budget analyst, investment banker, real estate, loan officer, money manager, underwriter, and personal finance advisor.

Start Date of the Program

September or March

Entry Requirements

High school graduates with a relatively high degree of English proficiency

Application Deadline

August or February


Major Courses:  International Finance,Money and Banking, Securities Investment, Insurance, Corporate Finance, Financial Market, Financial Econometrics, Financial Servicing and Marketing, International Taxation, Operation and Management of Commercial Banks, International Insurance, Management of International Finance, International Investment, Venture Capital Investment, Came Theory and Information Economics.

Tuition Fees

The tuition fees are RMB24000 per semester. The total for the 4 year program is 96,000 RMB.


Jinan University offers a wide variety of dormitories located on campus. For further information on the accommodation visit the accommodation page here.

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