Volunteer Program

Introduction to the Program

Hutong School’s China Volunteer Program offers the combination of a volunteering assignment in a China-based NGO, cultural and NGO-focused activities, accommodation, Chinese classes and general practical assistance.

About Hutong School

Founded in 2005, Hutong School is the leading foreign owned Chinese language school in China. With locations in Beijing & Shanghai, Hutong School is the school of choice for anyone who wants to do an internship in China or learn Chinese in China.

Volunteering in China

hutong school Volunteer 1Hutong School is devoted to ethical causes in China. We have a strong association with NGO’s and charities in Beijing and Shanghai. We are keen representatives promoters of sustainable development and migrant family aid. Our Volunteer Program is aimed at devoted candidates who want to experience volunteering in China.

Volunteering is about local and targeted actions. Our China Volunteer Program offers you the opportunity to help local communities who really need your help. The Hutong School Volunteer Program also offers you the opportunity to work in associations involved in environmental protection or corporate social responsibility.

Our all-inclusive program aims at providing you with a genuine volunteering experience and a deep understanding of China. Combine your work at an NGO with learning Chinese and join NGO-focused cultural activities in and around.

 NGO-focused activities

Hutong School Volunteer 2Hutong School organizes regular NGO-focused activities, for example teaching at a migrant school, tree planting, NGO-round ups, lectures, and visiting orphanages, among others. Therefore, in addition to the volunteer experience of your choice, you can also get an insight into a wide range of volunteer activities.

Chinese classes (4 hours/week)

Hutong School Volunteer 3Hutong School uses an innovative teaching method that is especially adapted to Western students. It allows the students to quickly develop oral communication skills while laying strong foundations for remembering Chinese characters.

We emphasize a personalized approach; one-on-one level assessment and study plan, with an average of 4-5 students per class.

Tuition Fees

huttong school volunteer program fees.docx


You will live in shared apartments located a short subway ride away from the School. For further information on the accommodation visit the accommodation page here.

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