Introduction to Hult International Business School

Hult International Business school is a world-class business school that has campuses all over the world such as in London, New York City, Dubai, and Shanghai. More than just providing exceptional business degree programs, Hult offers a diverse and multicultural community for students. Hult is a cut above the rest because it helps you connect with the top business talents around the globe.

About Hult International Business School Shanghai Campus

Hult International Business School is a private business school that helps you create connections from 120 countries. It also opens new opportunities for you because of its strong alumni network of more than 16,000 globally.

When you enroll in Hult International Business School Shanghai, you get to experience and learn from one of the world’s fastest-growing economies. You will also see first-hand the ins and out of how China does business and why many companies thrive in China.

Hult International Business School Shanghai teaches you Asian business culture and why it’s becoming a major player in global business. Hult will make sure that you get the best experience and connect with people on a worldwide scale through China.

Hult International Business School is an award-winning institution. It’s among the world’s best business schools. In fact, in 2015, Bloomberg Business ranked Hult as one of the best schools in the United States. It also ranked 50th and 60th in the Best EMBA Worldwide by The Economist in the years 2015 and 2016, respectively.

Besides teaching your business acumen, Shanghai is rich in culture and tradition. By studying at Hult International Business School Shanghai, you will be immersed in Chinese history, language and culture.

Watch this awesome video of the making of Hult International Business School (2:40):

Hult Location in China

In China, Hult International Business School is located in the bustling metropolis of Shanghai. Shanghai is one of the top cities in the world, and at a point in time, was a rival to Paris.

Hult is located in People’s Square Shanghai.

Hult is specifically situated at the People’s Square Places, in the heart of Shanghai. The school is surrounded by thriving financial and commercial districts where you can observe how Asian business culture works.

MBA Programs at Hult Shanghai Campus

Whether you want to study part-time or full-time, Hult Shanghai campus has two types of MBA programs to offer.

  • Part-time Global Executive MBA program

If you’re busy with work and home life, the Part-time Global Executive MBA program is specifically designed for you. It gives you the flexibility to set your place, time, and method of study.

The Part-time Global Executive MBA is an 18 to 24-month program that improves your skills and helps you further your career. You can study over four-day weekends once a month and compress your studies during the summer so you can finish within 18 months.

  • Global One-Year MBA program

The Global MBA program is an award-winning, one-year intensive degree program that teaches you about international business and leadership. It provides you with hands-on experience about business culture in three global cities.

At the end of the Global One-Year MBA program, you will learn how to be creative, resourceful and be a team player. The program fosters a collaborative and dynamic learning environment with many international students and teachers coming from all parts of the globe.

At Hult, you will be taught about business and leadership by doing. The MBA program at Hult focuses on practical application and training. While you learn about business theory, you will also be given the chance to apply it in real-life scenarios.

International Students

Hult International Business School Shanghai campus is popular among international students. Shanghai is a reputable cosmopolitan city known for having one of the best economies in China. The city is also home to thousands of international students which make up the young and creative population.

Hult makes sure that you learn everything that you need about the business industry by inviting guest speakers, conducting seminars and presentations and opening a whole host of face-to-face conferences.

If you’re an international student, Hult is one of the best places to study MBA, explore the Chinese culture, observe the booming business scene, get a taste of Chinese cuisine and have fun with its lively nightlife.

Entrepreneurs and companies in Shanghai like connecting with international talent. International students are no strangers to the city as well as its vibrant business scene.


  • Academic Excellence Scholarship
  • Social Impact Scholarship
  • Global Professional Scholarship
  • Consulting Professional Scholarship
  • Finance Professional Scholarship
  • Women in Business Scholarship
  • Entrepreneurial Impact Scholarship

Campus Life and Facilities at Hult Shanghai

Hult provides you with modern classrooms, state-of-the-art facilities, and top computer laboratories. To fill your student life with lessons and fun, the school helps you balance school work and your personal life.

View from Hult Shanghai campus.

Being in Hult alone gives you unlimited information, valuable insights and a handful of learning as the campus is located at the center of Shanghai, which means you are surrounded by Chinese culture and business practices daily.

Hult boasts of big classrooms, modern architectural buildings, and huge study areas which are conducive for learning. You can also see a good view of central Shanghai in many spots around the campus.

Hult Shanghai campus has an open and spacious design with lounges where you can discuss and hang out with like-minded people. Despite the busy atmosphere of Shanghai, Hult gives you a calm and relaxed ambiance for learning.

Tuition Fee

Estimated tuition fee at Hult International Business School Shanghai.


If you plan on advancing your business career or learning the ropes of new business trends and practices, Hult International Business School might be the best school for you. It’s a renowned business school in China with many campuses overseas, a strong alumni network and competent faculty and staff.

List of Programs for International Students

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