About China Admissions

What is China Admissions?

China Admissions, is an investor-backed online platform for international students to apply to Chinese Universities. We partner with 200+ top Chinese universities and have over 150,000 registered students.

China Admissions is based in Beijing and registered in Hong Kong and London. We have an international and Chinese team and have helped thousands of international students study in China.

We are grateful for the support from leading investors, our advisory team, and being awarded funding from the Chaoyang Government in Beijing City.

China Admissions has received a number of awards such as the China Edtech 100 as one of the top 100 Edtech companies in China and has also been featured in international media such as The Economist, and Xinhua, China Daily, and more.

For more information, please check here https://www.china-admissions.com/about-china-admissions/

Do I have to pay service fee to China Admissions?

You can apply to any Chinese university using our platform. Our basic service is FREE because we are funded by the Universities. You can read more about our free service here.

But we also have Priority Service, Guaranteed Service, and VIP service.

You can also contact us by email for more information at apply@china-admissions.com

How successful is it to apply through China Admissions?
You can read the testimonials from our students here https://www.china-admissions.com/testimonials/
You can also watch our students’ success stories here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nEb6L-fk5dU&t=9s
Why use China Admissions?

Easy Application
We put all the information online so you can search, compare and find the information you need. You can then apply to any university in China in one simple form.

Fast Support
We are available to give you free support throughout your application by WhatsApp, email and message from our system.

We are Free
We are funded by Chinese universities so we provide a free service for international students.

Learn more here https://www.china-admissions.com/blog/3-reasons-to-use-china-admissions/

Who are the people behind China Admissions?

We are a diverse team spanning various cultures, languages, and experiences. But we all share the same dedication to our vision. We are growing fast and looking for more excellent, globally-minded, student-focused, people to join our team.

P.S. Most of our team members were also a former student at a Chinese university

Do you have any other questions not answered?

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