Introduction to East China University of Science and Technology (ECUST)

East China University of Science and Technology (ECUST), is a prominent research-intensive university established in 1952, and directly authorised by the Chinese Ministry of Education. It was originally formed with a major focus on chemical technology, however, it has since developed to an extensive university that covers a vast area of academic disciplines. The university as well offers a large variety of majors.  


ECUST Campus


The school has a highly qualified teaching faculty. It is also a Chinese Ministry of Education Double First Class Discipline University, with Double First Class status in certain disciplines 

Double First Class Discipline University alternatively referred as Double Top University Plan, is an initiative by the government of the People’s Republic of China, to adequately transform a group of elite Chinese universities and individual university departments into world class universities and disciplines by the end of 2050. 

Buildings in Shangai City
Amazing Buildings in Shanghai City

ECUST is located in Shanghai, the largest city in the People’s Republic of China. It has its main campus at Meilong Road in Xuhui District, in the southwest of downtown Shanghai and 17 kilometers from Hongqiao Airport. The school consists of two campuses and a science park in the XuhuiFengxian and Jinshan districts of Shanghai. Its official address is 130 Meilong Rd, Xuhui Qu, Shanghai Shi, China, 200237.  

ECUST Fengxian Campus
ECUST Fengxian Campus
ECUST Fengxian Campus
ECUST xuhui campus

SCME hosts over 200 professors and among them, one is an academician CAS, 3 are Changjiang Distinguished Professors, 1 is a Scientist-in-Chief of the National 973 Program, 80 are professors, and associate professors of more than 20 PhD supervisors and 50 MS supervisors. 

ECUST Programs

The university offers both degree and non-degree programs. The degree programs offered include bachelors, doctorate and master degree. 

Bachelors Programs

Some of the popular Bachelor degree consist of: Chemical Engineering and Technology, bioengineering, Biological technology, pharmaceutical engineering and pharmacy. Other programs include: Accounting, automation, business administration, computer science and technology, Economics, law, marketing, International economics and trading, material physics and engineering, and polymer science and engineering. 

  • These and many more degree programs offered by the university begin on 4th September, 2019.
  • The tuition fee across all the programs is estimated at RMB 22,000; except for landscape architecture, industrial design, product design, and digital media art which go for RMB 26,000.
  • The deadline for registration of the programs is 15th July 

Masters programs 

The popular Master degree programs offered by ECUST include:

Chemical Engineering (English)

  • Starts on 3 September
  • Application deadline is on 31st July, 2019.
  • The programs runs for two and half years
  • Tuition fees is estimated at RMB 31, 000

Chemical Engineering (Chinese) 

  • The programs runs for three years
  • It starts in September
  • The tuition fee is estimated at RMB 26,000.

Applied Chemistry

  • Taught in English
  • Estimated tuition fee is RMB 31,200.
  • It runs for 3 years
  • Starts in September

Biochemical Engineering

  • Taught in Chinese
  • The program runs for three years
  • Estimated tuition fee is RMB 26,000. 
  • Starts in September

Linguistic and Applied Linguistic in Foreign Languages

  • Taught in Mandarin Chinese
  • The program runs for three years.
  • The tuition fee is estimated at RMB 26, 000. 
  • It starts in September

Pharmaceutical engineering

  • It is taught in Mandarin Chinese
  • It runs for 3 years
  • The tuition fee costs around RMB 26,000
  • It starts in September

Polymer Physics and Chemistry 

  • It is offered in both English and Mandarin
  • The tuition fee for the English program costs RMB 31, 200 and for the Mandarin Chinese program is RMB 26, 000.
  • Both the programs run for 3 years
  • Both programs begin in September

Doctoral programs  

The doctoral programs offered by the school include Advanced Materials and Processes, Applied Chemistry, applied economy, biochemical engineering, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Chemical Engineering, Chemical Technology, Computer Applied Technology, Manufacturing Engineering, Environmental Science and Engineering, and Pharmaceutical Engineering and Technology.  

Except for Applied Economy which is offered at RMB 35,000, the tuition fees for other doctorate programs are estimated at RMB 42,000. All of the programs are instructed in English and begin in September. They run for 3 years.

Strength in Chemistry 

ECUST was initially established with a bias in Chemistry. As such, it has developed the School of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering (SCME). SCME consists of:

Two departments

Department of Chemistry

Department of Fine Chemicals,

Three research institutes

Institute of Applied Chemistry

Institute of Industrial Catalyst 

Institute of Fine Chemicals 

Two centers

Center of Analysis and Test

Laboratory for Chemical Education

The school is the proud home of two national key disciplines (Applied Chemistry and Industrial Catalysis), a Shanghai key discipline (Fine Chemistry), a national laboratory (Key Laboratory of Advanced Material, Ministry of Education), the teaching base of Chemistry for nationwide engineering programs,  Demonstration Center of Chemical Lab of Shanghai, 3 national fine courses and 3 Shanghai fine courses. Every year, the school researchers are engaged in more than 10 major national R&D projects and publish over 200 papers with more than half of them searchable by SCI and EI.  


There are various scholarships available to both local and international students at ECUST. They include:

  • Chinese Government Scholarship
  • Shanghai Government Scholarship
  • ECUST President Scholarship for Degree Programs
  • ECUST President Scholarship for Language Programs

List of Programs for International Students

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