Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen Scholarships

Thanks to the generous support from friends and patrons, the University offers a number of admission scholarships to local and non-local new undergraduate students who have demonstrated outstanding academic or non-academic performance, such as sports achievements, creativity, community services and leadership.

The University undertakes to promote equal access to quality higher education for underprivileged students with good potential. In this regard, a number of scholarships will be provided with both students’ performance and financial need taken into consideration. The value of each scholarship ranges from RMB$10,000 to a full-tuition coverage. Some of the scholarships are renewable for the normative period of study subject to satisfactory academic progress.

Scholarship for International Students (For 2016 Entry)

To encourage academic excellence, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen offers an expanding range of scholarships to international students. The Scholarships could be categorized as following:

Entry Scholarship for 4 years

All international applicants will automatically be considered for the admission scholarship along with admission decisions. Consideration will be based on applicants’ English level, high school academic performance and interview. Candidates may be asked to submit further supporting materials. The scholarship will be provided for 4 years, as long as entry scholarship owners can keep their GPA above 3.0.

  • 100% Tuition Fee Scholarship
  • 50% Tuition Fee Scholarship
  • 25% Tuition Fee Scholarship

On-going Academic Scholarship

Students who are excellent in academic performance in their university study, will be awarded On-going Academic Scholarship. The value of the scholarships varies from 20.000 RMB to 80.000 RMB per academic year. On-going Academic Scholarship are awarded annually on the basis of students’ overall average marks in the previous academic year.Awards list will be provided by relevant Schools and Registry Office. No separate application is required.

  • 1st Class: 80,000 RMB
  • 2nd Class: 40,000 RMB
  • 3rd Class: 20,000 RMB

English Language Mentor Bursary

Students from English speaking countries who choose to undertake the Mentorship programmes will be offered the Full Tuition Fee Bursaries at maximum. All the awards should serve as English Language Mentor at Centre for Self-access Language Learning for several hours per week.

  • Full Tuition Fee Bursary (8 hours per week)
  • 50% Tuition Fee Bursary ( 4 hours per week)

Work-study Programme

Student assistants are highly demanded by administrative departments and offices. The work of student assistants are paid.

Shenzhen Universiade International Scholarship

The Shenzhen Universiade International Scholarship Foundation was established by Shenzhen with the purpose of promoting Universiade spirits, and boosting cultural and educational exchange of international youth.

The foundation aims to fund international students receiving full-time academic education of bachelor or above in Shenzhen. The scholarship ranges from 20,000 RMB to 40,000 RMB. Application of the scholarship is announced around April each year.