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Chinese Language Program

Introduction to the Program

The Chinese Language Program at China University of Petroleum (UPC) is a 0.5 – 2 year program for international students.

About the Program

The course of study is based on an integrated-skills approach with listening, speaking, reading, writing and grammar components, as well as strength in translation. The program is designed to help students be able to speak Chinese fluently, read various Chinese articles accurately, write simplified Chinese characters standardly, and understand relative Chinese culture correctly.

Course Introduction

Three-level courses are provided including intensive Chinese Reading, spoken Chinese, Chinese listening, Chinese reading, HSK Tutorials and Chinese Culture practice.

A. Intensive Chinese Reading:Intensive Chinese is a core course for all 3 levels, which is focused on integrated language skills. Through learning standard and classical modern Chinese articles, students will enhance their language proficiency in reading, writing, listening, speaking, and pronunciation synthetically.

B. Spoken Chinese:Spoken Chinese is a core course for all 3 levels, which is focused on oral expressions. Students should be able to express their thoughts in real life situations and develop/enhance their Chinese speaking competence. Students can acquire authentic oral expressions and tones naturally by Task-based teaching pattern in class.

C. Chinese Listening:Listening classes are set for elementary and intermediate classes. Listening comprehension is a key initial step in communication. Authentic materials will be used in class, such as a lecture or a radio announcement, or daily conversation in Chinese, so that to help students become accustomed to different accents and to a realistic pace of speech. By improving appropriate listening strategies, students’ oral Chinese will also be enhanced.

D. Chinese Reading:Reading classes are set for intermediate and advanced classes. By reading all types of authentic materials in Chinese, students will develop the comprehension skills, and also cultivate the awareness of the reading process and reading strategies. The ability of fast-reading, information-processing, analyzing and generalizing are the key focus in reading class.

E. HSK Tutorials:This is a selective course, aiming at tutoring students who desire to take HSK-Chinese language proficiency test, especially for HSK level 4, 5 and 6. By learning large amount of HSK required words, analyzing previous test collections, and take mock examination in class, students can enhance Chinese proficiency entirely, as well as gaining test strategies tremendously.

F. Chinese Culture Practice:This is a selective course, providing students plenty of opportunities to observe Chinese society, experience Chinese culture, and to involve Chinese community. The Activities include participating Cultural lectures, visiting museums, galleries and local schools, observing Tea art show and Tai Chi performance, learning Chinese calligraphy, paper cutting and making dumplings, etc.

Start Date of the Program

September or March

Entry Requirements

Between the age of 25 and 45

Application Deadline

Any time


UPC chinese language program curriculum

Tuition Fees

The tuition fees are RMB 7000 per semester. The total for 1 year is 14,000 RMB.


There are fourteen floors in UPC International Students’ Apartment. En suite double-rooms and single rooms are available for students furnished with hot-water shower, air conditioner, electric fan, desk and so on. For more information visit the accommodation page here.


To apply complete the application form and pay the application fee here. It takes approximately 4-6 weeks for your application to be processed and before an admissions decision is given. After you have been accepted you will receive your official acceptance letter visa application form. If you have any questions contact us.

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