Education Program

Introduction to the Program

The International Foundation Program (IFP) in Education is your first step to a rewarding career in teaching. During the first year, you will learn and get proficient in Chinese and after this, you will study your Master’s program (Chinese-taught), supported by a guaranteed scholarship. Available Master programs include:

  1. Education
  2. Psychology
  3. Physical Education

There are much more programs to choose from, for a full overview check the brochure here (soon to come). Your studies are financially supported by a guaranteed scholarship, only the first year is completely self-funded.

Based on your previous education and experience as well as on your performance in your first year, our partners at CCN will match you up with one of China’s 28 leading universities. The universities include 3 of top 100 universities worldwide (QS world ranking), as well as 16 of China’s top elite universities, also known as Project 211 & Project 985 universities. Since there are much more Chinese taught programs than English taught programs you have the upper hand and can choose from much more programs than most other international students.

The matchmaking process is highly efficient and ensures that you are matched up with the university that suits your personal needs and qualifications.

Structure of IFP Education Program

The program is comprised of courses in Chinese for academic purposes and university subjects. The language module accounts for 90% of the total hours.

Advantages of IFP Education Program

The main advantage of taking the IFP program is guaranteed scholarship.  Before you start the program and before
making any payment, we will guarantee you a scholarship. There are different types of scholarships you can get, but in general, 97% of students get full scholarships after the foundation program, the rest receive a partial scholarship.

Other advantages are:

  • Get hired easily – Mandarin Chinese is the worldwide most spoken language. Chinese companies, organizations, and people are all over the world and as China is the second largest economy in the world, businesses and organizations from any other country recognize the growing importance of doing business, collaborating and engaging with China. There is no doubt that learning Chinese will set you apart from others in the job market and promise better job opportunities.
  • A higher choice of study programs: Even though China offers many English taught programs, the number of Chinese taught programs is much higher. Finding a program that is exactly what you want to study is therefore much easier if you can speak the language.
  • Your everyday life is more convenient: As an international student in China who does not speak the language, you will find yourself in many challenging situations. Asking for directions, buying food, ordering stuff online, getting registered at the police station or finding an apartment will not be hard at all if you speak Chinese.
  • Awesome learning experience – You will study in small groups, no larger than 16 people. Not only that you’ll have a supporting teacher, but you’ll have a personal Chinese student mentor, in a supportive environment with one goal- make you succeed.
  • Much more universities and programs to choose from – Although there is a considerable number of English taught programs, there are much more Chinese programs. When you finish the IFP programme, you’ll have a lot more choices of programs at some of the most prestigious universities in China. And the best part is you only pay for the first year of the IFP programme and you get a guaranteed scholarship!
  • Awesome universities – CCN is made up of 28 universities from 15 cities in China. With 3 universities ranking
    within Top 100 QS World University Rankings, 9 “985 Project” universities, and 7 “211 Project”
    Universities, CCN makes a strong university network.
  • Experience China the right way – Adapting to a life in China can sometimes be hard for foreigners.  With a knowledge of a Chinese language, everything will be much easier. Make new friends and experience China’s rich culture in the best way.

Start Date of the Program

  • The start date for Route A is September.
  • The start date for Route B is April.
  • The start date for Route C is June.

Application Deadline

  • Deadline for route A is the end of July.
  • Deadline for route B is mid of March.
  • Deadline for route C is mid of May.

Tuition Fee & Study Duration

IFP Standard Programme provides different study routes for students with different educational backgrounds. Depending on students’ Chinese language abilities, they are able to choose different IFP Routes for their foundation studies.

Route A is intended for students with Chinese proficiency test (HSK) level 0-2 or equivalent. The program lasts from September to next June or 1080 hours in total. The cost of this program is 30,000 MRB plus a 1,000 RMB book fee.

Route B is intended for students with Chinese proficiency test (HSK) level 3-4 or equivalent. The program lasts from April to August or 540 hours in total. The cost of this program is 22,000 MRB plus a 700-800 RMB book fee.

Route C is intended for students with Chinese proficiency test (HSK) level 4-6 or equivalent. The program lasts from May to August or 330 hours in total. The cost of this program is 16,000 MRB plus a 600 RMB book fee.


To apply complete the application form and pay the application fee here. It takes approximately 4-6 weeks for your application to be processed and before an admissions decision is given. After you have been accepted you will receive your official acceptance letter visa application form. If you have any questions contact us.

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