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MBA at CKGSB – Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business
Introduction to CKGSB

CKGSB is a non-profit, private, independent educational institution. It was founded in 2002 and since then, it has been under the support of the Li Ka Shing Foundation. The university is one of the few universities in China which is under the faculty governance. CKGSB’s headquarters are based in Beijing. Additional campuses are found in Shenzhen and Shanghai. It has opened other branches in other parts of the world including Hong Kong, London and New York city.

Since its establishment, it has trained more than 3000 successful CEOs. A large percentage of the CKGSB Alumni have been successful in the business world either in  their place of employment or in starting or improving their own businesses. Some of the of famous alumni from the university include Jack Ma (founder of Alibaba), Wu Yajun(One of the richest women in China)

Apart from this English MBA, CKGSB also offers other programs including Dual EMBA with IMD, Executive MBA, Doctor of Business Administration, Finance MBA and Executive Education

Introduction to CKGSB MBA

The English MBA in CKGSB is a 14-month program that is aimed at helping young professionals gain a deep understanding of China and the global business industry. Students undertaking the program should be firmly grounded in the fundamentals of global business strategy, theory and practice. Chinese culture is also taught in order to get a better understanding of the country. The program is also aimed at teaching them to be successful in the business industry by teaching them business skills that will be useful to them anywhere in the world. Students who would like to learn the program in Chinese have the option of doing so since the university has an option for the Chinese MBA.

Since China is a fast-growing economy, students are able to get first-hand experience in how the business world works by observing what China is doing to increase its growth.

The MBA program takes 14 months to complete. Applications to the program are accepted throughout the year but students are advised to apply as early as possible since competition is very stiff. The application deadlines throughout the year include:

  • Round 1 – 26th November
  • Round 2 – 14th January
  • Round 3 – 11th March
  • Round 4 – 13th May
  • Round 5 – 8th July

Tuition fee for the program is RMB 409,000 ($61,000 USD). The program starts in September of every year.

English MBA Curriculum

The curriculum of the MBA program include:

Core Business Knowledge

It teaches students basic knowledge about business. It is also the foundation for the other MBA units that will be taught later on. It takes 28 weeks to complete this part of the course.

China Module

This is a 2-week course that teaches students about China and the Chinese culture. It also incorporates business in China into the program.

Overseas Module

This 3-week program is aimed at helping students gain a global exposure of the business world. It offers students the opportunity to study in campuses in other parts of the world including partner schools, New York city and company visits.

Practical Learning

It is important for students to put their knowledge to practice. This unit takes 5 weeks to complete. It helps students put their knowledge to practice by engaging them in real world projects for business firms both in China and around the world.

Advanced Learning and Career Development

The course is aimed at helping students improve their business skills. They will be more knowledgeable in business and also know how to identify business opportunities and solve problems in the business world. The unit takes 18 weeks to complete.

Entry requirements to the CKGSB MBA program include:

  • A Bachelor’s degree
  • Work experience for 2 years or more
  • A competitive GMAT or GRE score
  • A high level of proficiency in English

There are various scholarships open for students to apply for. They include:

  • CKGSB Education Development Foundation Scholarship
  • CKGSB Merit-Based Scholarship
  • The GMAT/GRE Achievement Scholarship
  • CKGSB Industry Scholarships
  • Young Professional Scholarship
  • Scholarship for Outstanding Overseas Chinese
  • CKGSB Vision Scholarships
  • CKGSB Need-Based Scholarship
  • CKGSB Scholarships for International Applicants
  • CKGSB the Belt and Road Scholarship
  • CKGSB Philanthropy Scholarship
Why Study MBA at CKGSB

Innovative Curriculum

The curriculum consists of both China topics as well as US modules in order to help students get a broad understanding of the business world. Apart from teaching at a professional level, the curriculum is tailored to help students grow at personal levels too

Global Learning Platform

In order to provide students with a wide range of resources, CKGSB works with approximately 40 leading universities worldwide. They also work with businesses and government sectors around the world. This has help the learning institution gain worldwide recognition as a world class business school.

Wonderful Alumni Network

CKGSB’s alumni network consists of many successful people in the business world. They are also very helpful in sharing helpful information and experiences with students currently studying their MBA or other alumni.

World Class Faculty

Many of the professors at CKGSB understand China’s business landscape. They have also studied in other top universities around the world such as Yale and Wharton among others. They thus share their broadened business knowledge with MBA students at CKGSB, helping them gain a global perspective.

CKGSB Alumni

Cindi Mi

She is the founder of VIPKID, an online teaching and educational company. It was founded in 2013 and has been successful in educating many students online. As at 2018, the company was valued at $3 billion USD.

Rory Bate-Williams

After studying his MBA at CKGSB, Rory went back to London and started several businesses which are successful. He describes the learning experience at CKGSB as something life-changing.

Felicia Guo

After completing her MBA at CKGSB, she put her knowledge into practice by starting her own art gallery. She partnered with her 2 business partners who she met at CKGSB. They helped her set up a contemporary Chinese art gallery in Beijing which is very successful. They also founded an online platform for investors and art collectors.

Make use of the opportunity to study at CKGSB and be among the many successful CKGSB alumni. Apply now by filling in the form below. You may be the next successful CKGSB Alumni.

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There are a number of accommodation options for students. For full information see the accommodation page here.

About The Application Process

To apply complete the application form and pay the application fee here. Applications take 4-6 weeks before a decision is given, and students are accepted on a rolling basis. After you have been accepted you will receive your official acceptance letter visa application form. If you have any questions contact us.

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