Chinese Language Program

Introduction to the Chinese Language Program

The Chinese Language Program is a full time intensive Chinese program. The classes are in the mornings, leaving the afternoons free to explore the city, or to take extra classes, or activities. There are about 30-40 foreign students at the academy each year. There are also optional afternoon drama classes that foreign students can take free of charge.

About Central Academy of Drama

The Central Academy of Drama (Zhong Xi) is the top drama school in Asia and is located in an area of old Beijing in Nan Luo Gu Xiang. Located in the Nan Luo Gu Xiang hutong, a beautiful area of old Beijing. The Central Academy of Drama is an attractive place to learn Chinese because there are less foreigners at the University and students will make more friends with Chinese than those who study in the student district. As the leading drama school in asia, many of the other students will go on to become leading film stars.

Application Requirements:

(1) High school graduate (equivalent educational level) or above;
(2) Age from 18 to 50;
(3) Healthy physically and psychologically

Start Date

Students can start the program in either March, or September of each year.
Spring Semester:  from the start of March to the middle of July 
Fall Semester: from the start of September to the start of  January.

Application Deadline:

For spring semester: by the end of February each year
For fall semester: by the end of August each year.


The schedule is that there are four compulsory chinese classes in the morning (8:30am-11:50am) from Monday to Friday. Students will be put into the class according to their language ability following an assessment at the start. Optional Courses are free, from 1:30pm to 3:00pm

Chinese Classes:
Classroom 1 – Low Elementary
0 Comprehensive Chinese;
0 Oral Chinese;
0 Listening Comprehension
0 Pronunciation

Classroom 2 – Middle Elementary
o Comprehensive Chinese;
o Oral Chinese;
o Listening Comprehension
o (HSK);
o Pronunciation

Classroom 3 – High Elementary
0 Comprehensive Chinese(HSK);
0 Oral Chinese;
0 Listening Comprehension
0 (HSK);
0 Pronunciation

Classroom 4 – Low Intermediate
0 Comprehensive Chinese(HSK);
0 Newspaper Reading; Listening Comprehension
0 (HSK);
0 Pronunciation;
0 Oral Chinese;
0 Reading &Writing

Classroom 5 – High Intermediate
0 Comprehensive Chinese(HSK);
0 Listening Comprehension(HSK)
0 Pronunciation;
0 Oral Chinese;
0 Newspaper Reading;
0 Reading & Writing;
0 Chinese Culture

Optional Classes:
o Chinese Characters: Reading & Writing
o Mask Painting of Peking Opera
o Basic Acting Training
o Basic Movement Training
o Tai Chi

All the facilities, including TV, video player, DVD player and tape recorder in the classrooms are free to be used by all our students after the class is finished.

Tuition Fees:

The tuition fees are 11,360 RMB per semester


There is accommodation available to students on campus. Students should put in a request for the accommodation when they apply.

accommodation at central academy of drama


To apply complete the application form here. If you have any questions contact us.

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