Shanghai Campus

CEIBS became the first business school in mainland China with its own campus when it established a facility in Shanghai’s Pudong district in 1994. In 2013, the school opened Phase III of this main campus in Shanghai. The expansion doubled the size of the campus to a total floor area of approximately 80,000 square metres.

CEIBS Shanghai Campus

Designed by world-renowned architects, Pei Cobb Freed and Partners, the school’s architectural style combines Western architecture with the subtlety of Chinese beauty and grace. Phases I and II use Suzhou tiles to band and lattice the school’s windows, creating a unique identity for the 8-hectare site in Pudong. Completed between 1994 and 2008, the first two phases are connected with an arcade walkway that encloses the main garden, often referred to as the bamboo forest.

The school’s world-class facilities are impressive, comfortable, and technologically advanced. Wi-Fi is available in virtually all the rooms from the cafeteria to the 750-seat conference hall, providing students with an easily accessible high-speed connection to the school’s information network and databases.

Shanghai Campus Phase III

A glass pyramid surrounded by CEIBS’ signature black-granite-floor indoor lake is the focal point of CEIBS Shanghai Campus Phase III, which was put into use in 2013. The third phase is linked to the others by a corridor that wends along the lake’s surface. The main entrance is via the East Gate. Located on 38,000+ square metres, this phase is a continuation of the Pei Cobb Freed & Partners’ (PCF) architectural vision seen in Phases I & II.

Phase III consists of lecture halls in Academic Centre IV, a faculty building, two student residences, a commons building and a conference hall.

Buildings were designed to maximise the shape and specific characteristics of the land available. The end result is an optimised open space with a heavy emphasis on transparency, reflection and light.

The Central Pavilion

ceibs shanghai campus - the central pavilionThis breath-taking building is a single-layer steel structure which covers an area of 848.87 square metres. Its giant pyramid-shaped glass pinnacle – 12.5 metres above the ground at its peak – covers a square glass box. Surrounded by pools of water, the transparent pyramid sparkles inside the courtyard and provides a peaceful rest area along the path to the conference centre.

Academic Centre IV

ceibs shanghai campus - Academic Centre IV

This three-storey building, which covers an area of 5,500 square metres, is the main teaching venue. There are three lecture theatres on the ground floor, each with an area of 190 square metres, along with facilities for state-of the-art simultaneous interpretation and video conferencing links to CEIBS Beijing Campus and Shenzhen facility. There are 4 to 5 discussion rooms conveniently located close to each lecture hall. Five more lecture halls (with a flat flooring structure) are on the second and third floors. AC IV also houses the administrative offices of the Executive Education Programme on its 3rd floor.

Faculty Building

CEIBS Shanghai Campus Faculty Building Located towards the south of the pyramid’s base and centrally located between the earlier and newer phases, this 5-floor 6,000-square-metre administrative building is easily accessible. In addition to housing faculty offices, the ground floor will be used for meetings and small forums, press conferences, etc. More faculty offices, including those of the members of the Management Committee, are on floors two to five.

Student Residences

CEIBS Shanghai Campus Student Residences Two 4,700-square-metre student residences have been completed; each has 7 floors. The ground floor of each building has 12 guest rooms, while the 2nd to the 7th floors of each has 16 guest rooms. There are two common areas on each floor for group discussion assignments as well as casual conversations. The layout enhances communication, outside the classroom, between residents of the guest rooms. Fifty percent of the rooms have a stunning view of the glass pyramid.

Commons Building

CEIBS Shanghai Campus Commons Building The Commons Building is a two-floor 3,500-square-metre building. It has three dining halls on the second floor, each providing a unique view of the campus. The first floor includes the check-in area for student residences, two spacious lounges, as well as smaller areas for relaxation. A waterside terrace provides a tranquil backdrop to the architecturally stimulating design.

Conference Centre

CEIBS Shanghai Campus Conference Centre This four-floor 8,000-square-metre facility, located next to the glass pyramid, was completed at the end of 2014. It houses a 750-seat auditorium on the first floor with two smaller meeting rooms on the 2nd floor and a multi-functional hall on the 3rd.


Shanghai Campus Phase II


CEIBS Shanghai Campus Library Located on Phase II, CEIBS library is a 3-floor, 2,500-square-meter building. It contains shelving space for 45,000 books, provides access to the school’s campus-wide high-speed Wi-Fi, and offers seating for 240 students and faculty.

The library now houses over 57,000 volumes of books in English and Chinese, and subscribes to 211 printed journals. In addition to its traditional collection, the library provides a variety of electronic resources that are accessible through the Internet.

Shanghai Petrochemical Auditorium

CEIBS Shanghai Campus Shanghai Petrochemical Auditorium Seating over 300 people, the school’s auditorium – with its impressive technology – allows for simultaneous translation, making it a desirable location for major events.



CEIBS Shanghai Campus Dormitory The school’s six dormitories provide a comfortable residence for almost 500 students living on campus. Each room is equipped with a telephone, computer network connections, satellite TV hook-up, and a private bathroom.



CEIBS Shanghai Campus Gymnasium Completed in Phase II, the gymnasium offers an appealing two-level, air conditioned facility. Offering a broad range of fitness equipment, it accommodates both novice and experienced athletes with treadmills, stationary bicycles, and weight training equipment. Table tennis and basketball courts are also available at the gymnasium.

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