When is it safe to go to China?

Because of the Corona Virus in China, most Chinese Universities have delayed the Spring semester intake until further notice.

China is taking swift action and strong precautions in order to contain the virus. As this is a new case, we all must take extra precautions to ensure health and safety for ourselves and each other.

If you are not in China, please do not plan on arriving in China until further notice.

Currently we expect the universities to resume in late February or early March, however the situation is developing. To sign up for updates please complete the form below and we will keep you updated.

We also highly suggest that you can take this as an opportunity to Learn Chinese Online. We recommend Anki, and Mandarin Corner as two great resources. BLCU also offers an online chinese program which starts on Monday 3rd February. You can sign up here.

You can also still apply for September 2020 intake here.

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